Technology’s Role in Promoting Financial Education.

Financial Education has stood as a symbol of empowerment since ancient times, yet its significance often remained in the shadows of conventional education systems. Schools and universities struggled to emphasize the critical role of financial education, particularly in investment and wealth creation. However, the digital era has emerged as a game-changer, challenging limiting beliefs and affirming the truth that financial education is the main ingredient to a less stressful and more prosperous life.

Financial Education: In the Past

Throughout history, schools and universities have neglected the crucial aspect of financial education. Distorting the mindset of humanity towards money. This leads to a fragile money mindset when dealing with an upcoming problem requiring finances. This results in unarmed individuals being pitted against sudden economic crises, war, and inflation.

Over the past few years, more people have found themselves suddenly jobless and poor with an immediate need to find a new source of income. Usually, this manifests itself by causing individuals to take extra debts. Turning them into easy victims for planned scams and frauds, creating a vicious cycle of scarcity and a lack of abundance in their lives.

The Digital Revolution

Financial consultants and educators, who cracked the code of financial abundance through budgeting planning and investment systems authored books to reach a wider audience. Luckily now with the rise of the digital era, new ways are available to accelerate the awareness of it. Furthermore, it expands worldwide, emphasizing the crucial role of financial education. By preparing humanity to smoothly navigate uncertainties and to enhance their lifestyle with the right mindset while also providing them with a variety of applications:

  1. The journey begins with open conversations through Social Media Platforms, let’s name a few of them:
    1. Visual Engagements (i.e.: Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat …): Allowing financial educators to share impactful images and short videos to spread financial awareness and explain financial concepts. In addition to the possibility of creating stories on some social media platforms to convey personal anecdotes, success stories, and quick financial tips.
    2. In-depth content (i.e.: YouTube …): Enabling the creation of comprehensive financial webinars, interviews, and tutorials with global reach breaking geographical barriers.
    3. Community Building (i.e.: Facebook Platform…): Where groups are created to foster a sense of community among individuals seeking financial knowledge. Moreover, with the possibility to launch live sessions for real-time interactions. Enabling the spreading of instant financial insights.
    4. On-the Go learning through podcasts (i.e.: Spotify…): Allowing individuals to consume any content while on the move and at any convenient time. Financial Gurus have their space to share insights, conduct interviews and discuss financial topics in a conversational format.
  2. Real strides are being made as we put learning into action. Thanks to technology offering a variety of applications to manage budgeting and to explore new opportunities. Investing and creating wealth, here are examples in both categories:
    1. Budgeting applications for managing personal finances (i.e.: Mint, YNAB – You Need A Budget…): Help in tracking your spending, setting financial goals, creating budgets for different categories of expenses, and being alerted when nearing the limit. Moreover, giving the possibility to allocate the income to various categories like bills, savings, and debt repayment… promoting efficient and conscious budgeting.
    1. Investment applications for all levels and backgrounds (i.e.: Robinhood, fundraise, Binance, Metatrader5…): Allowing the creation of wealth through stocks, options, cryptocurrencies, and real-estates, even with small steps.
  3. The technology reached another level with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI):
    It has introduced a new frontier in financial management (i.e.: Manara and Eacho by Economy, …) by analyzing vast datasets to offer personalized financial guidance, identifying patterns, and predicting market trends. Providing tailored advice and real-time analysis along with adapting strategies to market dynamics, creating a more effective investment and money-making experience.

Technology in Modern Financial Education

In the digital age, financial education has transitioned from a luxury to a necessity. Technology has dismantled barriers, making financial knowledge accessible and fostering a culture of open dialogue.
Now, financial gurus can cultivate an understanding of the reasons behind embracing financial education and raising awareness. Encouraging individuals to grasp the “WHY” behind upgrading their money mindset, improving their relationship with money and implementing the right systems through financial education.

The role of technology in financial education goes beyond information dissemination, it empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape through tools and applications allowing individuals to take control of their financial destinies.

Author: Eliane Ghosn

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