Two Weeks In Italy


Italy, a country that I would visit over and over again! It is special for me as I got married in Rome and we went on a road trip for our honeymoon. The cities we visited were just stunning and each had its own charm. Even though all cities are accessible by train, having your Read More

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Travel Without Travel With Caravansarie

Travel without travel

Caravansarie hosts pop up travel/culture themed events and workshops with casual fine dining and entertainment in nature, heritage sites, private venues and alternative spaces. The concept is to “Travel Without Travel”, where the culture, venue, cuisine, drinks, music, art, talent, and mindset of different regions of the world visit you. The name Caravansarie is derived Read More

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On the Road with the New Quester

UD Trucks

The highlight of my year has to be my adventure in Bahrain with UD Trucks driving the driver friendly New Quester, the most rugged and reliable heavy-duty truck on the road today. After a briefing at the Bahrain International Circuit on the bestselling points of the vehicle like the fuel efficiency, productivity and connectivity, we Read More

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All-new Lincoln Navigator: Modern Luxury meets Elegance

Luxury Cars

As a full-size luxury SUV, the Lincoln Navigator (Presidential) comes with indulgent luxury touch points at every turn, evident from the moment I opened the door for my one week drive experience. Capable of producing 450 horsepower and 691 Nm of torque, the Lincoln Presidential made me feel like I owned the road. The twin-turbo Read More

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Jeep Cherokee: Born to be Wild

Jeep Cherokee

Authenticity, adventure, freedom and passion are values that the Jeep brand conveys to those who experience the emotion of driving a Jeep vehicle. In the new Jeep Cherokee that I drove recently with a group of fellow female petrol heads to different parts of Sicily, these values are combined with high levels of comfort, capability, Read More

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Himalayan Adventures

Third time lucky is what a lot of people believe in and this rang true for me when visiting Nepal. My first two visits were too short for what I planned to do and the number of days I visited the beautiful terrain of Nepal but this time I was lucky enough to stay only Read More

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Fashionable Scarf Designs by Sakinah

Women in Fashion Design

  Malaysia’s visionary entrepreneur known for introducing exquisite products to the Gulf, Sakinah Sheikh Osman launched her new modest fashion brand, Sakinah for the modern and on the go powerful and glamorous women looking for traditional yet timeless easy to manage scarves. The ambitious brand aims to meet the needs of the modest wear clientele Read More

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Top 5 Reasons for Dressing Unique 

    These are the five reasons why you should ditch the fashion trend and step outside the “clone fashion” industry. It’s time to be unique and even actively take part in designing your own fashion. With all these new technologies, this is starting to become a reality.  1. Individualize. Choosing a unique dress allows Read More

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