From HR to People and Culture

  Why must organizations embrace this change?  Human resource (HR) departments have traditionally been responsible for managing employee-related tasks such as hiring, payroll, and benefits administration. However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards a more holistic approach to managing and developing employees, known as people and culture. The focus of people and culture Read More

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حياة تستحقها روحك

  ماذا لو كانت الحقيقة الأكثر ثباتا عن نفسك هي مجرد وهم كنت تؤمن به لفترة طويلة؟ ماذا لو كانت شخصيتك ، التي قد تعتقد أنك ورثتها عن والديك، شيئًا يمكن تغييره؟ Read More

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الوصف الوظيفي، الطريقة الأمثل لدى صاحب العمل لاختيار الموظف المناسب، تشجيه ومكافأته!

  Have you ever been in a situation where you realize that you didn’t hire the right person for the job? I know, I have. Most people assume job descriptions are written primarily for employees. However, the importance of job descriptions for employers cannot be underrated. For employers, writing and maintaining job descriptions must be Read More

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تعزيز المناعة العاطفية

         Introduction We are used to hearing terms such as immunity or immune system and even more so in times of pandemic. This concept refers to the biological field and we could define it, in a general way, as the capacity of our organism to defend itself against any internal or external Read More

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People-Pleasing: Why Do We Do It?


  How to Overcome The Need & Desire to Please!   People-pleasing is a negative characteristic and attitude that partially and immensely affects people’s lives in many ways that they are unaware of. People-pleasing is one’s desire to make others happy. This often results in allowing others to take advantage of one’s kind-heartedness and benevolence. Read More

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8 Self-Care Practices for Women

self-care practices

8 Self-Care Practices for Women Challenging times can bring about a roller coaster of emotions. Are you finding it hard to stay positive and motivated nowadays? You are not alone. There are thousands of women out there who are struggling to stay afloat in the middle of this pandemic. Dealing with this health crisis is Read More

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The Different Emotional Intelligence Categories

emotional intelligence

The Different E.I Categories The previous article, “Let’s Talk E.I.”, briefly talked about Goleman’s different E.I. categories. This article will be focusing on the different categories and skills of Emotional Intelligence (E.I.), while discussing – in further details – two pillars of E.I. who are affiliated to the latter, such as Goleman.        Read More

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