The Dynamo of life

  What if a dynamo moves all the joints of our lives? Are we going to work hard to get to know it well? And then, are we going to maintain it constantly? Without a doubt, our self-awareness is the most precious gift we can offer ourselves to a happier life. What about the dynamo Read More

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It’s your decision, not the society’s

  People who dance in sensual styles such as pole dancing, chair dancing, burlesque, heels, etc.… constantly experience prejudice, negative comments or sexual harassment for how they choose to express themselves especially at their workplaces. So, they get asked lots of questions like: “How do you expect people to take you seriously at work while you are posting videos of Read More

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تعزيز المناعة العاطفية

         Introduction We are used to hearing terms such as immunity or immune system and even more so in times of pandemic. This concept refers to the biological field and we could define it, in a general way, as the capacity of our organism to defend itself against any internal or external Read More

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خمس ركائز لتحقيق الأرباح، واستراتيجيات لبلوغ الحد الأقصى من التدفقات النقدية.

  “You don’t start a business for one day, you start a business to create a legacy and to achieve success over a long period of time” – Marleen Somohardjo   Since the foundation of my first company, I have continued building my companies in Suriname and the Kingdom of Bahrain. I wanted to respond to Read More

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Women In Finance: Charting a Path to Success

women in finance

  How Women In Finance Are Charting a Path to Success on Their Own Terms   When it comes to gender parity, finance is one of the last frontiers.  Over the past ten years, women worldwide have become the majority of the workforce for the first time in history. Women now account for 22% of Read More

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Women in Nanotechnology: Breaking All Barriers

women in nanotechnology

Women in Nanotechnology: Breaking All Barriers Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields are catalysts for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Yet, for social, cultural, and psychological reasons, women’s engagement and participation are still considered lower than men’s. As women take on more leadership roles advancing social and political change, women’s Read More

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