The Dynamo of life

  What if a dynamo moves all the joints of our lives? Are we going to work hard to get to know it well? And then, are we going to maintain it constantly? Without a doubt, our self-awareness is the most precious gift we can offer ourselves to a happier life. What about the dynamo Read More

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The L word – Leadership Coaching with Love

leadership coaching

  The L word – Leadership Coaching with Love   “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” Eleanor Roosevelt Love & Leadership? How do those two fit together? During these unprecedented times, leadership has been more in demand and has become more challenging in the world. But how can we lead Read More

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Fear Vs. Trust

Trust Vs. Fear

Fear Vs. Trust Are you struggling with a disengaged team?  Or perhaps frustrated by a team that is far from taking any initiatives on their own?  Are you feeling so overwhelmed with micromanaging people, and you don’t have any more time to strategize? Well I can tell you one thing, “You Are Not Alone”!  Many Read More

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