Patricia Habib Hachem: Versatility and Entrepreneurship in Lebanese Media

Patricia Habib Hachem, a multifaceted Lebanese individual, is a prominent journalist, media personality, poet, and writer. She embarked on her professional journey under the guidance of the esteemed journalist Jibran Twaini at Lebanon’s renowned newspaper, “Al-Nahar,” joining its youth section in 1993. This pivotal affiliation provided her with a platform to articulate her thoughts openly, leading her to write insightful articles spanning social, political, and artistic realms, all while receiving encouragement and mentorship from Mr. Twaini.

Early Career and Mentorship

In 1996, Patricia showcased her versatility by participating in the program “Studio Al-Fann,” where she excelled in the category of program hosting and was honored for her achievements in the South Governorate. Subsequently, she ventured into the realm of radio, hosting her own morning show on “Sawt Al-Wa’ad” Lebanese radio in 1997.

Venturing into Broadcasting

Between 2008 and 2009, Patricia’s creativity extended to songwriting, as she penned three songs for notable Lebanese artists. Notably, her composition “Khodni Le Ayounak” secured the top spot in the prestigious “The Manager” program, produced by Rotana.

Entrepreneurial Venture:

In 2009, Patricia demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by founding, an e-magazine that swiftly became the go-to source for arts and entertainment news in Lebanon. Over 15 years, the platform evolved, maintaining its status as a leading news outlet for the arts in both Lebanon and the broader Arab world.

Television and Radio Presence

Expanding her influence in the realm of television, Patricia joined the judging panel of the “Studio Al-Fann” program in 2010 for its final season. In 2012, she ventured into radio, hosting the show “Bisara7a” on Fame FM, marking a transformative phase in her media career. The show, spanning eight consecutive seasons, featured engaging interviews with prominent Lebanese and Arab figures, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the airwaves.

Fearless Writing and Literary Achievements

Beyond her media endeavors, Patricia’s writing is characterized by its fearless approach. She authentically addresses the struggles of Arab women and tackles sensitive societal issues. Her debut book, “Ana Malikatou Firashek”; this collection of bold poetry and reflections defies traditional romantic norms, offering verses that break the rules while remaining true to the essence of love, released in 2008, garnered widespread acclaim, securing top positions at Virgin Megastores for an impressive six weeks.

Contributions to Industry Recognition

In subsequent years, Patricia continued to make significant contributions to the industry. She joined the judging panel of the Beirut International Award Festival (BIAF) in 2014 for three consecutive editions. Additionally, she played a crucial role in the Murex D’or Awards in 2018, particularly influencing the selection of honorees in the singing category.

Recent Ventures: TV Series and Podcast

As of 2019, Patricia added another dimension to her repertoire as the writer of the TV series “Sana Aashra Hob,” slated for production by the “Marwa Group” soon. Bringing her insights to the digital realm, she commenced hosting the podcast “Bisara7a with Patricia Hachem” on the Anghami app in late 2020.

Digital Influence and Social Advocacy: Patricia’s Impactful Presence Online

In addition to her diverse achievements, Patricia became a social media sensation, renowned for her poignant poetry and reflections. The hashtag #خواطر_باتريسيا (Patricia’s Thoughts) became a viral sensation, symbolizing her ability to touch the hearts and minds of a wide audience. Through this platform, Patricia conveyed numerous life messages, always emphasizing the core values of humanity and advocating for women’s rights, making her a powerful influencer in the digital realm.

Personal Life and Enduring Impact

In her personal life, Patricia married lawyer Emil Geagea in 2000, and together they are parents to three children. Her journey is a testament to her versatility, resilience, and enduring impact on Lebanon’s media landscape.

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