Empowering Women: Overcoming Financial Barriers in a Male-Dominated World

Women bear the brunt!

From the so called ‘emancipated’ Western countries to Asia, Africa women are discriminated against in so many different ways! Personal laws – marriage, divorce, inheritance, right to property, the gender pay gap and the list goes on. Discrimination against women comes in hundreds of ways – legal social but the one that makes a real difference is the economic one.

  • Are you a working woman in the government/private sector?
  • Are you a professional i.e. Doctor Lawyer Engineer etc.?
  • Are you a business owner?
  • A freelancer, Consultant etc.?
  • How much do earn?
  • what do you spend money on?
  • How much money do you have
  • How much money do you control
  • What are your priorities?
  • What are your goals for the next 5 to 10 years? (Whatever they are 9 times out of 10 it will involve money)

Breaking Stereotypes: Empowering Women to Prioritize Financial Independence Over Traditional Expectations

That of course is if, as a female you have a goal beyond looking pretty, getting a husband, buying depreciating stuff (solitaires, designer clothes, accessories) and living happily ever after! In my 28 years in the business of Personal Financial Planning when I mention words like save, invest, insurance, increase your income, goal, relook at your expenses, single/divorced, moms, older, women literally ‘switch off’! I admit it’s quite a turn off! No ways or promises to look younger, sexier, for long…. just reality!!

Empowering Women: Challenging Gender Norms in Financial Planning

Here’s the other thing women who work, run businesses, i.e. decision makers can’t seem to make a decision when it comes to taking a life/critical illness insurance plan, a regular saving and investment plan! Yes, it’s true!  Literally hundreds of times I get responses like ‘Yes, this is brilliant BUT I will show it to my husband, father, brother, boyfriend basically a male person and get feedback from them whether I should commit to the plan’. My next question is generally ‘is your male go to person knowledgeable on insurance, investments etc’?  The response is generally No BUT……. So I guess testosterone makes an individual smarter????

Unveiling Gender Disparities: Female Representation in Financial Events and the ‘Eye Candy’ Phenomenon

Events related to fashion, jewelry, makeup, rejuvenation draw huge number of female attendees.  Events on investments, insurance, real estate one can count the number of female attendees, however what is interesting to note that women are ‘used’ as ‘eye candy’ pretty, preferably young, appealingly dressed (make -up hair and clothes) at exhibitors stands to attract attention from mostly male attendees/visitors.  What is also interesting to note the abysmal low numbers of females enquiring about anything related to investing be it real estate, NTFs, etc.

Breaking Barriers: The Crucial Role of Financial Independence for Women in Modern Society

Fact our careers may take a back seat when we enter motherhood or when domestic needs overcome our career goals. What starts as a maternity break but may stretch into a long career break. In other instances, women give up their careers to care for elderly parents or may have to give up a lucrative job to follow her husband to another country.

Here’s why every woman needs to be financially independent, married or not

Pre-empt emergencies– Every family must have a contingency plan, redundancies are frequent, businesses are dependent on economic cycles, factor in ill health and death.  If the husband is the sole earner, job loss due to redundancy /health will impact income causing drain on savings  in the time the man finds another job. All families have multiple financial commitments. Wives must be involved, not only in household budgeting but actively manage saving/investments/insurance planning/funding

Beat Inflation – the silent thief.  Home, kids’ education aspirational lifestyle is challenging. Double income households fare better. Women who are financially independent not only contribute to added costs, but also help to meet the family’s financial goals.

Responsibility Boosts Morale: Financial independence increases a woman’s self-respect self-confidence self-worth.  They can fulfill aspirations independent of their spouse or parents. This enables upgrading skills, travel, buy things they want!

Self-Reliance, financially independence decreases instances of domestic violence/abuse, provides a buffer so women feel secure less helpless.

Role-model: A woman who supports the needs of the family financially, socially, emotionally becomes a role model for her children.  Gender bias becomes redundant when a woman is strong, confident and self- assured. When kids see that their mothers are financially independent, are involved in decision-making, they will be inspired to be self-sufficient in life as they mature.

Balancing Act: Navigating Financial Independence Amidst the Chaos of Modern Womanhood

We are the women of the millennium trying to do it all and have it all. But how do we become financial independent or savvy when the kids are screaming, our husbands are demanding and our business associates are making us crazy?      

It is imperative for all women – married, single, separated, widowed or divorced to be financially independent.

Author: ساندي ساكسينا

For more Articles like this, head to: BUSINESS & LEADERSHIP – Executive-Women

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