The Future of Aesthetics – Global Trend Report 

Are we really in the era of the ‘End of Aging’?
Last week in Dubai Allergan Aesthetics brought together over seven hundred aesthetic practitioners for the EEMEA Educational Summit. Allergan Aesthetics develops, manufactures, and markets a portfolio of leading aesthetics brands and products. Their aesthetics portfolio includes facial injectables, body contouring, plastics, skincare, and more. 
The company launched the global trends report which was developed to understand what is shaping the aesthetics industry of tomorrow. Through the report findings, Allergan Aesthetics aims to support practitioners and the industry to prepare for the future and the evolving needs of patients, their expectations, and advancements in aesthetic medicine.

Consumer interest in medical aesthetics continues to rise, with the number of non-surgical aesthetic procedures conducted worldwide growing by almost two million between 2017 and 2020. This growth is expected to continue, with 23 million dermal fillers and 14.6 million body procedures predicted by 2025. In parallel, physicians globally saw more younger patients, more patients from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds, and more male patients than ever before.

Agnes Lim, Area VP, Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company in EEMEA comments, “A geographical intersection among Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, Dubai is one of the most diverse and tremendously fast-growing environments on the planet. Our patient population is expanding and diversifying, which means their expectations are also evolving. And we need to keep up! What matters now is our determination not just to maintain the high standards we have set, but to push on and set new benchmarks for the future”.

The Future of Aesthetics global trends report was commissioned by Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, and developed by Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. It provides aesthetics practitioners and consumers with an understanding of the 10 trends emerging globally in aesthetics that assist in forecasting how the industry will evolve in the next 5 years.

Three of the main trends which have emerged from the report offer an insight into how the aesthetic industry is evolving rapidly to deliver the customer’s needs. 
1. The End of Aging 
Consumers are starting aesthetic treatments earlier to delay signs of aging, while at the other extreme, science is bringing the possibility of regenerating one’s cells closer.
2. Diverse Individuality 
 People of all ethnicities are seeking out aesthetic treatments and should see themselves reflected and represented in clinical trials, the practitioners that treat them and the clinics they attend.      
3. Aesth-Ethics
Aesthetics should be regulated and safe for all patients. Practitioners are focused on pulling the industry up by setting the standard. The industry must ensure that education and training is of the highest quality and trusted information is provided to patients so they can make informed and safe choices on their treatment.
For more information on the  Allergan Aesthetics, Global Trend Report please login onto 

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