Niu: Your Poke & Cocktails Destination In Lebanon

Niu Lebanon
We bet you’ve all heard about the “Niu” It place in town by now, Niu, the freshest poke restaurant.
In the midst of all the chaos and struggle that have bombarded Lebanon, Niu opened its first outlet in Achrafieh in March 2020 during the first covid lockdown.
Niu serves some of the freshest poke bowls & cocktails and is known to use the country’s freshest and top-quality produce. Since then, they have managed to expand into 4 different locations and their NIUest is Broumana branch.
Niu Broumana’s design was created by the architect Lucien Bou Sleiman, also known as (Lu Cs) who got Inspired by the Hawaiian islands. This place was created with a lot of passion for nature! The design was created to highlight the natural elements like wind, light, trees, flowers & rocks! When you first step into the Niu branch a forest of massive pink flowers welcomes you. The shadings were inspired by the skirts of dancers to express the wind movement! The pink rocks accentuate the wild experience! In each corner, you can feel the greenery and the freshness. Bar chairs with pink color and their proportions were inspired by flamingos.
Niu Broumana celebrates nature & freshness in each element, from food & cocktails to architecture.
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