Maïa Barghout: International Emotional Intelligence Advanced Trainer

Global Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach Internationally Certified Emotional Intelligence Advanced Trainer Practitioner Human Development People Culture Advisor Masterclass Facilitator and Network Leader


When i flourish, you flourish, and we all flourish together. Everything starts with what “i” do first.


Maïa is an internationally recognized Mental Fitness / Positive & Emotional Intelligence Coach and Advanced Trainer, Practitioner and Assessment Brain Profiler in Emotional Intelligence whose guiding style utilizes an international, multidimensional, innovative, and practical approach in her one-to-one coaching and group workshop design and delivery.


Her enchanting superpower was discovered to be to uplift drive, engagement and deeper connection, which has proven powerful to her clients and the organizations she has worked with; leveraging their culture, performance, wellbeing, relationships, and productivity for sustainable results.


Maïa gracefully guides and engages high-level executives and teams to create pivotal shifts in their lives as she helps them navigate challenging emotions, which sabotage their intentions for peace, success, growth, joy, and harmony in all aspects of their lives and in achieving their purposes, missions and legacies.


Described as an inspiring, natural coach, and facilitator, Maïa’s rich 22 years of work experience in a variety of service-related corporate (Advertising, Start-ups, Telecommunications, Banking, Luxury Hospitality) and non-profit sectors (UN Agencies, NGOs) locally, regionally, and internationally has endowed her with an astute ability to understand a variety of perspectives at all levels of organizations and a total of over 54 diverse cultures and nationalities. This enables her to lead by positively building bridges where teams, organizations and relationships collide.


It is Maïa’s mission to bring out the best in people to connect and collaborate well together. Maïa does this by constantly enriching her knowledge with a bouquet of global methods, applying her expertise into her experiences, and uncovering the secrets of healthy people dynamics and culture. She can even help you build stronger, healthier relationships with your clients!


Maïa is also an MTa Learning UK certified Masterclass facilitator for leadership, communication, problem-solving, team building, and has studied Strategic HR with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).


What makes Maïa’s coaching and training interventions powerful is her sometimes unconventional approach for positive results in a shorter period. A GM described Maïa to a consultant at an event, “I wake up and get motivated to go to work even in tough circumstances because of her just being a positive force for the Management team and everyone around her. You just trust her and love her process, even if you don’t fully understand how she’s going to do it or why, you fully trust she’ll creatively find a way to make things happier, enjoyable, and more productive. Teams get to work without unnecessary issues getting in the way, although she can call you out and be firm with you, holding you accountable!”


Authentically invested in her work for a higher purpose, Maïa has the ability to remain authentic and is agile in her approach, seemingly magical in adapting to her client’s needs in leading people dynamics and improving culture. She guides entrepreneurs, executives, and teams to compassionately connect and transform internal and group struggles.


This global go-to coach and speaker was also invited to speak and deliver in a variety of international Keynote entrepreneurial events and Grow U festivals on Compassionate Leadership. During the pandemic, she brilliantly curated and facilitated the online cutting-edge international program Disrupt to Evolve using a 4-step process to navigate challenging times, which became in high demand.


Maïa is also the founder of iflourish since 2015 – a haven she created by which she enchants and empowers individuals, partners, teams, corporations, and communities to flourish using what she calls, “Emotive Living and beyond”. Maïa is also an inspirational People Culture Advisor who genuinely inspires teams to connect authentically, compassionately, and joyfully, through building three core mental muscles and developing emotional agility for optimal wellbeing and sustained performance.


Maïa cares about her mission to make sure that she optimizes the use of globally researched methods backed up by neuroscience for people and organizations to flourish; this ensures healthier, happier environments and workplace dynamics.


In summary, Maïa creates pivotal shifts in people’s lives as she guides them to discover their own wisdom through global learning and higher practices. Influential and compassionate, Maïa Barghout is your delightful go-to-coach who guides you to foster healthier work environments, reduce unnecessary conflicts, dissipate toxic workplaces and interactions that jeopardize both top and bottom-line results.


At a personal level, Maïa genuinely loves people despite their challenging human condition, is a positive muse and a good luck charm to any individual or organization.  She combines a loving heart with a sharp mind that links what cannot be seen to most people. This allows her to tap into core needs to reveal hidden issues and activate a profound solution. She is a life-long learner; her dexterity and prowess generate a smooth positive transformation embarking her clients on a liberating, elevating journey she walks and practices herself.


Maïa’s sincerity helps bring the beautiful out of the ugly “Ugly first, Beauty second” she says. Miss Barghout trains people to think differently, maximize the use of their brains, aligning their heads with their hearts. She creatively activates insightful intuition and wise action to drive you out of your reverie or chaos with this motive, “Let’s lead a positive impact together”.


We advocate, if you and your organization are suffering, you’ve tried everything business-related and don’t know what’s keeping you stuck or losing, reach out to Maïa Barghout. She’s got you.


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