Is Gender-Based Violence Particularly Feminist?

Gender-based Violence

Is “Gender-Based Violence” Particularly Feminist? As if the arduous situations that lockdown measures have imposed on household members aren’t already enough, Feminists hit us with an additional dilemma to trigger our minds with! Voices have been raised all over the world to reinforce the need for women and vulnerable groups to speak up if they Read More

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Mastercard Study on Contactless Payments

contactless payments

Mastercard Study Shows Consumers in Middle East & Africa Move to Contactless Payments for Everyday Purchases, Seeking Touch-Free Payment Experiences Beirut, Lebanon; May 1 , 2020 – During March, as many countries in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) imposed necessary restrictions on social distancing, a significant majority of consumers turned to contactless card payments Read More

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Conscious Eating…What About It?

Conscious Eating

Conscious Eating: A natural way to bring balance back to our bodies. In our fast-developing world, we became accustomed to run away from ourselves by constantly keeping ourselves busy. As a result, we have disconnected from the wisdom of our unique body composition. We became more attuned to what the media and the diet industry Read More

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