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Two Social Entrepreneurs & Founders @ Solidarity 4 Sustainability, Maud Jabbour and Lama Diab, work hand-in-hand for women empowerment. 

Maud Jabbour is a Human Resources Masters graduate who worked in the corporate field where she was always keen on making a difference in the entity she belongs to, in the lives of her team members, and in society as well. That’s when she learned about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the level of effectiveness needed to better serve the community, becoming a professional CSR practitioner later on.

Lama Diab is an Economic and Social Development Masters graduate who operated in the fields of Non-Governmental Organizations and CSR. Lama consulted and helped companies to integrate the practice of CSR and sustainability throughout Lebanon, the GCC and North Africa. She is a passionate and highly-driven advocate of social change.

Together, Maud & Lama addressed a social issue existing in Lebanon that targets unemployed women living in unfortunate, unprivileged situations, and came up with a solution for them . The latter includes opening job opportunities for these women who can’t work outside their households, yet need to work to improve their lifestyles.

The solution was to create home-based jobs for these women who will provide healthy food for other full-time working women who do not have time to cook for their families.

 Women to Women Success,

  • Selects unemployed women who are passionate about cooking
  • Trains them to deliver the best quality of healthy home-made food
  • Promotes and markets their dishes, and assigns catering events to them.

Women to Women Success has, by far, changed the lives of five housewives. Not only are these ladies serving customized, delectable, healthy home-made dishes and catering for corporate events, but they are also looking forward to train other unemployed women that will follow suit and help serve the community on a broader scale.

In 2014, Maud & Lama jointly launched a Youth Empowerment Program called “YouthMatch Work-Readiness Program”. This program particularly empowers youth through offering them the necessary trainings, leading them towards sustainable jobs. Subsequently, various training/orientation sessions enabling the youth to be better integrated in the job market take place. Training topics vary from CV writing and interviewing skills, to time management, communication skills, etc.

Moreover, their main partner is Challenge to Change, an NGO that joined hands to implement YouthMatch program in Public/Semi Public Universities like Lebanese University & CNAM and other organizations.

To read more about Solidarity 4 Sustainability and its Projects, visit this link.

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