Take responsibility for your life


“You don’t deserve anything good, you’re less than everyone else, whatever you do isn’t enough, you’re not enough, all you do is worthless…”

All of these and even more are thoughts I used to have about myself and that’s what pushed me to enter the ‘coaching world’.

I needed to coach myself, to understand myself in a better way, to discover who I am, and the true potential that lies within me, to understand and learn how to manage my thoughts and emotions, to know what I want, where I want to go, whom I would like to be, to live a life that allows me to be fulfilled, because was lost where I used to be.

Today, I am in a completely different place from where I was few years ago and my mission today is to guide people towards inner liberation, to set themselves free from the prison of their own thoughts, to teach them how to manage their thoughts and emotions in a better way, to help them improve their relationship with themselves because this defines the quality of all other relationships in their life, to help them discover who they truly are and be aware of all the potential and possibilities within them, I would like all people to become aware of their greatness and know how to live a healthier, more satisfying and serene life.

As humans, we all have a critical voice inside of us, which criticizes our words, ideas, choices, actions, preferences and emotions. It is ready to criticize everything that concerning us. This inner critical voice is present in all of us. In reality, it is not there to destroy us, it has a positive intention although it seems negative, it tries to bring us closer to ourselves. If we fight it, it will grow stronger and will be very difficult for us to release it. What we have to do is learn how to become friendly with it, to welcome it, and to understand why it is there, what is the need and reason behind its presence because there is always a need behind our limiting thoughts about ourselves. Most often, it is the need to feel loved, accepted, valued, seen and recognized. When we become aware of this, we will know how to behave with this voice, we will know that it is similar to a child who needs attention. My advice is therefore, to act with compassion towards yourself and to understand yourself when these negative thoughts arise, it is only this way that you can replace these destructive thoughts with more constructive ones.

We must also know that very often we judge and see ourselves based on others’ judgment and perception of us. Through our life, we may hear judgments and criticisms, sometimes from our relatives and sometimes from friends, in any case, these judgments can distort the way we see ourselves and our thoughts about ourselves due to the fact that we agreed and believed these judgments (unconsciously).

What we have to do in this case is that after realizing this, we have to take responsibility for ourselves, the responsibility to start working on ourselves and on our perception and opinion of ourselves, to start reforming and planting new beliefs and thoughts about ourselves and create a whole new belief system that will ensure that we live a fulfilling, successful and happy life, because it will not be possible for us to be happy or succeed in what we undertake if there are inside of our thoughts that block and slow us down.

What I would like to add, is that when we build a strong inner foundation, when we define ourselves and we know who we are and recognize our own value and are aware that it has nothing to do with the opinion of others about us, no more judgments or outside criticism will have an impact on us. This is the real strength.

Finally, I would like to encourage everyone to take responsibility for their life and to start working on themselves, to become better every day and create the life they deserve, the life of their dream.

Israa Chour

Embrace the Empowerment