Celebrating Boèm Home Boutique First Anniversary With Léa Lteif

Boèm Home Boutique

How did Boèm Home Boutique see the light?  At first the idea was to diversify Lteif catalog, turning it to a one-stop-shop to furnish your home.   Tell us about your launch. Boèm was conceived last year. The timing was critical due to the protests taking place, so we kept it simple and exclusive. A…

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Gigglez – Genuine Leather Products

Gigglez, founded on April 2019, strives to provide consumers with genuine nappa leather goods made with the highest quality materials. We aim to provide our customers with high quality, durable products at an affordable price, and leave customers re-evaluating what they search for in their purchases. All products are only made from the hides of…

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Art.Cages…A Journey Towards Liberty

Art Cages

Art.Cages is the brainchild of Ruba el-Amine, a native of Lebanon who grew up between the Middle East and Europe. Having lived in two cultures raised her awareness to how some societies live more freely than others. The need to promote the importance of liberating humans, animals, and nature from the physical and mental constraints…

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Top 5 Reasons for Dressing Unique 

    These are the five reasons why you should ditch the fashion trend and step outside the “clone fashion” industry. It’s time to be unique and even actively take part in designing your own fashion. With all these new technologies, this is starting to become a reality.  1. Individualize. Choosing a unique dress allows…

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