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Marleen Somohardjo, is a successful lady who has over 15 years of experience in the financial sector by delivering multi million euro program management strategies and governance that optimize financial and risk management. She is carrying on the mission to encourage business executives and entrepreneurs to prioritize, strategize and govern their financial results in order to create sustainable and financially viable businesses.

Moreover, she is the founder of M2 Advisory, finance and risk advisor, and author. She holds a Master of Science in Business Economics, and majored in strategy, entrepreneurship and management. After her graduation at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Marleen started her advisory career at KPMG, in which she strengthened her strategy management consultancy skills and she was able to hone in on program management strategies, governance for financial, risk management, and business optimization.

Marleen has always envisioned leading her own management consultancy firm and contributing to blazing the way forward for women in the corporate sector and global business. All this, to not only break glass ceilings, but also create their own unlimited potential.

Marleen started her first company in 2008, during the crisis in the financial sector. It was a courageous decision to embark on the entrepreneurial journey, and working within the financial sector whilst becoming an entrepreneur. She mentioned that starting her own business was the best way to explore her capabilities as an entrepreneur, as well as a person which was for her personal growth. As an entrepreneur, she utilised her visionary, strategic and organisational skills to the fullest at the beginning and throughout the phases of scaling up the business. 

Nevertheless, this was her dream, and the timing didn’t distract her from the mission. Marleen stayed focused and shared her plans with like-minded people. When she was approached for the first assignment, it boosted her confidence and self-esteem as an entrepreneur. She survived her business even during the financial crisis until today.

Concluding that for her, this shows that when you believe in yourself and follow your dreams, things always get better.


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