Julie Rammal-Founder of the Holistic Movement

Julie Rammal-Founder of the Holistic Movement


Julie Rammal is the founder of the Holistic Movement. Former celebrity trainer and owner of JSport, Julie spent most of her years studying in Europe, USA, Middle East and has worked with Royal families, celebrity singers, VIPs, Embassies, Schools, Spas & Resorts and has changed the lives of many people through the holistic methodology.

Her recent projects include the launch of the world’s 1st Holistic Movement DVD: In Light Of Change in 2016, which was globally covered by the Press, the launch of the first Holistic YouTube Channel, and recently – in 2020 – the pre-publication of the world’s first Holistic Methodology Book. Additionally, in 2020, she spread the Holistic Movement to Egypt and other surrounding countries, and her next projects include a press conference in NYC For UN Women program.

Julie shares her knowledge and skills to empower the world, youth, and generations through practicing the holistic methodology, paving the way for them to lead an amazing life.

The Holistic Movement is the awakening, education, training, discipline, and internal connection of the entire body, mind and soul that honors and integrates ancestral philosophies to help the Human species adapt and transition into the new era as a powerful inter-connected Human Being.

With such connection and power, one can depend less on external systems to survive and heal, train the body, mind, and spirit to remain: youthful, energized, healthy and manifest their transformed dream life.

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