Isolation by Nada El Andari


It may be unfair to talk about isolation while life still beats with all the possibilities of its manifestation.  There have been many names given to this situation, which imposes itself due to a variety of factors, some beyond your control and others beyond your own imagination and determination. Loneliness, isolation, retreat, or separation… Name the case whatever you want; these labels, while different in definition, are poured into one source: being alone with yourself.

It was difficult for us to deal with all the back-to-back events that surrounded us from all sides, threatened our existence, and put forward a significant question: why are we still alive? What is expected of us? What mission remains unfinished for some, and hasn’t started yet for others?

These existential questions always come to mind when something happens, transcending you as a human being to a more comprehensive idea, to an integrated unity, to humanity as a whole. You keep going without realizing it; rather, your soul chooses a path to follow, relying on your senses, instincts, and thoughts in an attempt to understand the path you are taking.

And without realizing, you reach that place that you thought was not yours, you are afraid of it, of the unknown that surrounds it, you reach it exhausted, throwing all your burdens and living in silence, in sociable loneliness, and you remain safe in that place, where no one knows about.

It’s isolation! It charts the course of your day, your times, and even your emotions, you sometimes go along with it, so it overflows you with all its blessings, from calm to serenity and peace of mind. Looking for what suit it, a long coffee session in which it at some of what’s going on in this gloomy world, so it decides to return to your calmness, rejecting what disturbs the mood of your coffee break, to hearing a song that takes you to the world of your soul, you open the jars of conscience, contemplating the melody and the word, enjoying the symphony of the present universe. With its edges, to a book to be alone with a time that sets you a date with excitement, taking your presence and the possibility of waking up your awareness of what surrounds you, to a meditation in which there is nothing but a spirit that calls for tranquility, drawing inspiration from the emptiness of this universe, what fills this beautiful emptiness.

It’s isolation! With all its beauty, calmness and spaciousness, it takes you in its arms, soothes your lost dreams, soothes the pains of a lifetime that lost the means to live it as you wish, and you find in it another life that compensates you for everything you missed. You have to go along with her, hug her, thank her for your time with her, otherwise, if you try to deny her, in a moment she can turn this isolation into worry and fear, quarrel with you, turn your seconds into hours, worry you, threaten you and crush you if you don’t calm down and listen to her.

Realizing that your isolation is an opportunity and not a punishment is the way to argue with the innermost parts of yourself that try to discourage you from understanding what is required of you, from living life as a blessing, a gift and a trust.

Embrace the Empowerment