International Fashion Week Dubai: The Most Promising Show in The Region


International Fashion Week Dubai: The Most Promising Show in The Region

The International Fashion Week Dubai recently held the Season 11 of its Mega Show stunner event. This season happened to be by far the best season we have seen of the International Fashion Week Dubai as it was really a grandeur event. Every season keeps getting bigger, better, and record-breaking with the technicalities that entail pulling off such an amazing event.

The IFWD is the only fashion week that is currently physically happening around the world and it is in a hundred-percent compliance with the COVID-19 precautionary measures alongside full physical attendance and participation of its attendees and participants.

IFWDThe Season 11 of the International Fashion Week Dubai is the second Season after its season 10 in November 2020 that will be successfully physically taking place post-lockdown and it has become obvious that the International Fashion Week Dubai brand is the Best not just in Dubai but around the world. They have been able to keep their vision alive notwithstanding the current COVID situation whilst ensuring the safety of all participants and still putting up a fantastic and mind-blowing fashion show for all. Everyone is highly impressed and pleased with the integrity, consistency, passion, dedication and hard work that International Fashion Week Dubai has shown over the years.

The Season 11 of the International Fashion Week Dubai was graced by the presence of some high-profile guests such as – RIDA AL ABDULLA, DR YAQOOB, CONTESS ELENA DE BECCO, Ambassador of Moldova, Counsel General of Romania,  alongside many others. The international Fashion Week Dubai was pleased to have received these guests in attendance.


Cheryle Dias, Founder & Managing Director of IFWD

Managing Director and Founder of IFWD, Cheryle Dias, is one of the stars of the fashion industry, who is not scared of taking such risk to support the fashion industry in these critical times of COVID. She explained that International Fashion Council, a non-profit entity by IFWD, is going to take more responsibilities to take this venture to other heights. She mentioned that IFWD is the most professional fashion week of the world which caters to every need of fashion industry and trying to create opportunities for designers to boost their passion.

The International Fashion Week Dubai Season 11 Fall/Winter collection took place from the 18th – 20th of March at a very high-end five-star hotel in Palm Jumeirah, this Season being the biggest – post-pandemic – we have seen. The entire organization and presentation of the event displayed elegance and a contemporary aspect to having Fashion events, given the new development with COVID.

The just-concluded Season 11 of the International Fashion Week Dubai recorded a variety of modern, creative, and classy designers from various parts of the world, for the day one opening ceremony of the season 11 event had actively present VIANN K. MANSUR, a Mexican designer, BODO STREET a Romanian designer, KORA TOPA, a designer from Moldova, STADA BOUTIQUE BY GEORGIANA STAVROSITU, another Romanian designer, and they all showcased beautiful, stylish, and unique pieces from their various collections.

The day two of the IFWD Season 11 presented DOROTA GOLDPOINT, a Polish designer, FARIELLES/EZRA ANTRIK ISRAEL, a designer from Amsterdam, AREEJ RIMAWI, a designer from Jordan, NICOLETTA MARIN a Romanian designer, and they all performed exceptionally by showcasing an array of new trends and eye-catching pieces from their collections.

The Grand Finale day displayed different showcases from WALETTY THE LABEL, a German designer, SPOSA BY ELZBIETA PACYNO, a Polish designer, LUCY & ANASTASIA KAITRINI, a Georgian designer, and finally wrapped up by Cheryle Dias, celebrity designer from UAE, the Managing director of IFWD. In a nutshell, the designers for the IFWD Season 11 showcased beautiful, elegant and sophisticated pieces from their collections, this was a great show as every designer who participated brought in their A-game and was able to successfully slay the runway.

The participating exhibitors who showcased their products were Ballerina Secrets from Poland, Sposa from Poland, Miapka Design from Poland, 1One from the Netherlands, Dorota Goldpoint from Poland, Viann K from Mexico,  there was no doubt that guests were highly pleased and elated with the designers from the priceless expressions on their faces as they watched the designers showcases their pieces all three days.

The highlight of the event was the INTERNATIONAL FASHION AWARDS which took place on the night of the grand finale, the awards were presented to merited recipients as a form of appreciation and recognition for their commendable contribution towards the success of the International Fashion Week Dubai Season 11.

Another feature which is always part of the show to which is emerging designers Competition, this time , 3 winners were selected, the 1st and 3rd one being from capital/ London college of arts and 2nd position was taken by designers from Amsterdam.

It is obvious and safe to say that the organizers of the International Fashion Week Dubai outdid themselves this season; they have made their way to the top with their hard work, creativity and consistency. They are a record-breaking team as they are the only Fashion Event organizers to be hosting a physical Fashion Event post lockdown in a magnificent way around the world whilst adhering strictly to the COVID19 safety measures, they deserve all the accolades and is definitely a fashion event to be proudly affiliated with. We look forward to the upcoming seasons from the International Fashion Week Dubai team as it will definitely be mind-blowing as the Creative Director of the IFWD team is popularly known for going above and beyond to put together a fantastic show.

Wasim Mandil, the very famous personality had a huge role in presenting the show. Liliana Evely – a famous models trainer from Switzerland and Milan – came to train the models and added huge value to the show. Adrian Lafter was another choreographer who travelled all the way from Moldova to take part of the show.

The Organizers are hoping that the upcoming season 12 in November 2021 will be free from COVID restrictions and can prove bigger opportunities to the designers from all over the world as it will be during Expo 2020 and will carry a huge exhibition and a number of fashion shows.

International Fashion Week Dubai is organized by Opulence Events LLC, legal entity in Dubai. Visit this link to know more.

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