Improve Your Work-Life Balance with Kishna Jeantine

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Kishna Jeantine Certified Post Trauma Parenting Relationship Coach Entrepreneur


Improve Your Work-Life Balance with Kishna Jeantine


Kishna, your career flourished after working with your mother in non-profit, where you were drawn to the world of Consultancy, Business Development, and Grant Writing. How has your experience in non-profit affected your career moving forward?

My career in non-profit has helped me develop my creative development skills. Because of working with so many non-profits, I can create a program and walk it into implementation with ease. I can put together a curriculum, identify the target audience, etc. This has helped me in my business side because it allows me to show the consumer that I will be serving and understand what exactly they need in order to have a successful B2C process.


What is the importance of creating impact in any given Business situation? how has it shaped the way you view business and how do you implement that in your current business module?

Being impactful in a business situation allows me to make a connection with the person that I am dealing with. This connection allows me to reach that person on a level that others may not be able to reach, which allows me to help them in a manner that benefits them. It has shaped how I do business by allowing me to reach and help as many people as possible. There is seldom a person that comes across my desk that isn’t impacted by the conversation that we have or the help that I give them


What are you most known for within your social and work entourage? Can you tell us the story about a certain title that you acquired throughout your career?

I am most known as “The Grant Lady” or the person with all of the businesses within my circle. I was given the title of The Grant Lady because when people were referring to me and the services that I provided, that’s how they called me (especially because my name was difficult to pronounce for some people). I was The Lady who was able to help you with grants, provide you with business information, help you set up your business or non-profit, etc.


How did your own previous life experiences help shape the woman you are today?

Because of my past, today I am resilient, strong, determined, motivated, and always striving for better. I came from an extremely difficult experience and I had to teach myself how to make it through alone. As a result, I can handle many difficult situations on my own and I am always able to figure out a solution to a problem.


What is the communication style that you adopted through your platform to better connect with your audience? In what ways has it been voicing out other working moms’ experiences?

Empathy is my communication style. Though I may not know what every person is going through, I am able to relate to them. I listen to them, and I respond empathetically to let them know that I empathize with them and that I am willing to be a support in any way that they need.


What does your platform offer to women worldwide that other platforms cannot?

Honesty and transparency. I am upfront with parenting, relationships, my journey, and my struggles. I don’t act like I am something that I’m not.


What drove you to start your own podcast? What added value are you looking to bring upon your audience using your voice and others’?

I wanted to give other people a platform to talk about their experiences and their struggles with similar situations that I had to deal with. I wanted other people to have a voice.


How do you manage to juggle between being a parent and a multiple-business owner? Is there a formula that you adopted or does it come naturally to you? Is it a one-size-fits-all?

It is not a one-size-fits-all method. My calendar is my best friend. I schedule everything on my calendar; if it isn’t scheduled, it won’t get done. I also assign specific days for specific tasks – I do this so that I won’t spend every day trying to complete everything. I also delegate as much as possible to my staff. Things that I do not need to handle, I have someone else handle. I only tackle the most important things.


Can you share some tips with us on how to maintain a good relationship with your partner, especially during lockdowns?

I try my best to put my partner first. Because we have different work schedules, sometimes it’s hard for us to spend time with each other. Here’s my advice on how to maintain a healthy and happy relationship:

When your partner is home, turn off the computer for about an hour and spend some time talking or doing activity. Plan date nights – I personally plan one weekend a month – to engage in more activities that would bring us closer together. When your partner isn’t home, make sure to text and talk over the phone to keep the communication open. Send them sexy messages while they are out and about or at work, and when they’re home, make sure you make time for intimacy and spice things up in bed. It’s always a good idea to schedule time for sex if you’re running on a busy calendar.


Based on your expertise, what is the best formula any individual can adopt to better balance their career and personal life, while simultaneously caring for a family?

Create a schedule. Either a personal one or a family schedule – something that will help you transition from work to home life to married life without feeling that you are missing out on anything. Knowing when to shut off work is extremely important. In my house, 4pm is the end of my workday. The laptop goes away and I am spending time with my family. Once 8:30pm comes, the kids are in bed and I am now a wife focusing solely on my husband. This allows everyone to get a part of me.


In your opinion, what are the best ways to maintain a healthy and genuine relationship with one’s clients, especially in this ever-evolving digital era?

Open communication is key! With emails, texts, voice notes, and everything else digital – literally at our fingertips, communication is extremely easy and extremely important in maintaining a healthy relationship with a client. Everything is solvable as long as there is communication.


What are the signs that can help us detect a potential abuser? What measures should be taken once detected?

It can be hard to detect an abuser, but some signs of an abuser include but are not limited to: someone who is extremely charming, someone who tries to make you spend all of your time with them, someone who seems obsessed with you, someone who gets upset when they learn that you have plans with others, someone who makes your achievements seem small, someone who’s mood changes erratically, someone who believes that everything always happens to them. If you feel like you have encountered a potential abuser, end a relationship with that person as soon as possible.


As an abuse survivor yourself, what message would you like to send out to any individual who has gone or is still going through any kind of abuse?

Leaving is the first step to the rest of your life. You can do it. It will be hard, you will be scared, and your abuser will try to come after you. But eventually they will stop, and from them on you can begin to breathe again and be happy. You matter, and you come first.


How do you manage stress and avoid burnout?

You cannot avoid stress, but you can avoid burnout. Take time for yourself WEEKLY! Relax when you feel that work and life are becoming too much. Take a spa day every month. Delegate as much as possible, and avoid taking on too many tasks.


Can you talk about one woman who has greatly influenced your life? Do you have a role model?

My mother- without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. She was the single person who was always in my corner no matter what the situation. She motivated me to start my business, she helped me build my businesses, she was the example of the mother that I wanted to be to my children. She helped shape and mold me into the person that I am today. Without her I would not have made it this far in my life.


What’s next for Kishna Jeantine?

I am working on creating a coaching program for other relationship coaches that want to focus on post-trauma healing. I am positioning myself to be a speaker on healing after abuse, I am working with qualified individuals to put together programming that will help both parents and children overcome the trauma of domestic violence and putting their lives back together.



Ti know more about Kishna, visit this link.

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