Maya Hojeij: A Storyteller At Heart

Maya Hojeij

  What inspired you to embark on your journey in presenting and anchoring? Journalism was always my passion. The most fascinating experience to me was watching the war reporters cover the first gulf war; it was our first experience with satellite television in the early 1990s as kids, and I became addicted to everything news. Read More

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“Keep your Goal Alive…” Mona Makkawi, Founder of Konsult

What are the challenges that you think women face in the consulting world? In today’s world, the challenges women face are not exclusively in the consulting world, as the dominance of the patriarchy attach its claws to all areas of life; However, let’s also be realistic and admit that sometimes the biggest challenge women face Read More

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Reinvention in the new paradigm with Apollonia Keys

Apollonia Keys

Sitting in a treehouse in the jungle of Tulum, Mexico, you can find former nightlife & hospitality executive Apollonia Keys Martinez – Lifestyle & Reinvention Specialist – who says the key to life is focusing on your personal wellbeing & development. With a 20+ year background in developing lifestyle brands, Apollonia shares a universal view Read More

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Beating The Odds With Mona AlHebsi

Mona AlHebsi

  Beating The Odds With Mona AlHebsi   What did you want to be growing up? I’ve always been fascinated by powerful women who have their own presence, authority, and impact in their surroundings. I remember roleplaying using any chair and table I could get hold of, talking on the phone, and then signing papers Read More

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Find Your Voice With “De Bouche à Oreille”

De Bouche a Oreille

  When was « De Bouche à Oreille » founded? What inspired you to start the business? De Bouche à Oreille was founded in 2018 by fellow Speech Therapist Stéphanie Younes. As a Speech and Language Therapist, opening our first practice would be considered a remarkable accomplishment as the experience gained from a clinical setting is keenly Read More

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Dr. Zeina Ghossoub, An Empowerment Icon

Empowerment Icon

  Dr. Zeina Ghossoub, An Empowerment Icon   Dr. Zeina, what inspired you to embark on your journey in coaching? And what are the main traits one must possess to become a coach? Being a dietitian for 10 years and feeling that I was failing in helping my patients change their behavior towards their relationship Read More

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On Patriotism & Digital Marketing With Aleen Zakka

Aleen Zakka

  On Patriotism & Digital Marketing With Aleen Zakka   What helped shape the woman you are today? Over the course of my career, I’ve had the chance to work with successful entrepreneurs and CEOs. I learned a lot from them. Mostly that people who care about making a difference will make a huge positive Read More

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Dagmar Symes: Growth And Comfort Do Not Co-Exist!

Dagmar Symes

                        Who is Dagmar Symes? She is the General Manager at HILL ROBINSON Project Management. What helped shape the woman you are today? There are three core parts that best describe me: strength of character, being down to earth and kind, and my spirit Read More

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Zeinab Bashier, Working Internationally for Egypt

Zeinab Bashier

  Who is Zeinab Bashier? Zeinab Bashier is a telecom engineer from Egypt, founder, and president of the We Love Egypt For Development Foundation. Why did you call it “We love Egypt for development foundation”? I chose this name because I see a lot of development happening in Egypt. I see growth and new projects Read More

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