Exclusive Interview With ‘Alpha Women’

What is Alpha Women’s objective?

Alpha Women is a community for women under Ecolearn and Alpha Universe Group. 

Alpha Women’s objective is to create a place of collaboration for women worldwide to help them grow their entrepreneurial skills and leadership skills. All while acquiring and spreading financial literacy and investment education to create a passive income.

Through empowering women globally, they will create a better life for their well-being and for the well-being of their loved ones. Alpha Women is also creating a solution for many women to help them get financial independence, time freedom, and flexibility. Since many women face lots of obstacles such as social and cultural obstacles, work-life balance challenges, and financial obstacles that will limit their growth and eliminate their freedom of choice.

With Alpha Women, tools are provided for women to live their lives with fulfillment and happiness, that is why we focus on the four wheels of life (Wealth, Health, Beliefs, and Communication).

Why did you pick the name “Alpha Women”?

Alpha Women’s name is not related to negative connotations, or obsessive control. On the contrary, it is about embracing feminine energy and expressing individuality, cooperating and not competing with others.

Alpha Woman is known to be a leader, who is talented, self-confident, a risk-taker, strong, believes in herself, and is very persistent. She creates her life invests in herself, also chooses happiness for herself and her loved ones always.

Why is a woman’s financial independence a necessity rather than a right?

For a long time, financial matters were related to men only. Then with time it became a necessity for women to gain financial independence. However, nowadays it is clear that both men’s and women’s financial independence is their right.
With financial independence, women can enjoy their lives better by:

  • Having more time to be connected with themselves and their loved ones.
  • Supporting their family, partner, and children better while fulfilling their needs and preferences.
  •  Navigating life challenges easily by having access to diverse solutions.
  •  Making choices and decisions without being dependent on others.
  • Educating themselves and expanding their knowledge to be updated with new trends and growth in any field.
  • Choosing better circles of relationships and raising their standards.
  •  Helping others to make the world a better place.

Financial independence makes women feel more aligned with their heart preferences and needs, be at peace, be empowered, and have more control over their lives.

To sum up, a woman’s financial independence is often considered a necessity because it empowers her to make choices and decisions without being dependent on others. It provides autonomy, enables self-sufficiency, and fosters a sense of control over her life.

How do you believe financial literacy contributes to the strength, independence, and success of women globally?

A long time ago, women believed they could not get along with numbers. Hence, with money management and financial literacy which blocked them from accessing their full potential and benefit from what financial literacy can offer them.

However, financial literacy plays a crucial role in empowering women globally by providing them with the knowledge and skills to manage their finances effectively which in return will give them strength, independence, and success.

Once a woman overcomes this wrong belief and starts pursuing her journey in financial literacy, she will transform her life by:

  • Making informed decisions about her money thus reducing dependency on others.
  • Starting and managing her businesses.
  • Prioritizing and investing in wealth education. Not only for herself but also for her family by creating a better life for future generations.
  • Participating in investments, growing her wealth over time, and securing her financial future.
  • Navigating economic uncertainties, planning for contingencies, and making sound financial choices to mitigate risks.
  •  Negotiating salaries, managing work benefits, and planning for career advancement, ultimately contributing to professional success.
  • Planning for retirement and making informed decisions about savings, investments, and long-term financial security.
  • Contributing to economic growth and enhancing her overall success.

Could you elaborate on the Alpha Universe project and how it combines the financial market with online marketing?

The world is changing faster than ever after COVID-19 employees, self-employed, business owners, and investors started to understand the value of technology. AI is now used to build online businesses and generate multiple streams of income. That’s the core of the Alpha Universe Project. It combines two of the biggest and most lucrative online businesses worldwide the financial markets and the online marketing business (also known as affiliate online marketing business).

We in the Alpa Universe project help all categories of societies (men, women youth employees business owners…) to build their additional income that becomes in the future their main source of income to rely on and to secure their financial future. In addition, we launched Alpha Women to help women become more financially literate and independent. Through teaching them how to create that income by working smart rather than hard which aligns with their feminine characteristics. To become role models to push other women to take the same path and leave positive impact in the world.

How can women overcome challenges and biases as entrepreneurs to build successful careers?

As women embark on the journey of entrepreneurship in the financial markets and online business, we discovered that the number of women in the financial market is very limited.

The reason is related to women having limited beliefs in themselves more than having gender bias problems. In fact, the majority of women think that investment is very risky or even boring, or they “don’t like numbers “thus they believe that they are not capable of managing money. The real problem lies in the poor business mindset and limited self-belief.

From this point, we decided to start Alpha Women in 2023 under Ecolearn and Alpha Universe group to encourage the presence and growth of women in this field by focusing on the four wheels of life (wealth, health, beliefs, and communication).

Women entrepreneurs are not alone they can:

  • Get all the support from our community, build a strong and professional network, and form strategic alliances with like-minded individuals.
  • Seek mentorship that provides guidance, support, and valuable insights. Creating a successful entrepreneurial journey without facing any gender bias and accepting the existence of uncertainty.
  •  Continuously hone entrepreneurial skills, and stay informed about industry trends from our community. This helps them to overcome obstacles and increase their self-confidence.
  • Access financial literacy to help them make sound business decisions, manage risks, secure funding. Navigate economic challenges, and develop resilience to persevere through challenges.

Can you share a specific example of how the project has positively influenced the financial independence of women?

I will share with you the example of two ladies: one of them is a mother and the other one is a university student.

By offering financial and investment education, the project enabled the mother to expand her own businesses within our community. It empowered her to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, in the financial markets and online business.

Alongside financial literacy training, she gained essential skills in finding prospects. Presenting and promoting her businesses, increasing her exposure, closing deals, and managing her businesses effectively. Contributing to her long-term financial well-being alongside being a mother of two children, a wife, and also working as an employee in a company.

The second one is a young lady in her early twenties, a university student and a part-time employee. Starting from a bad experience in the financial markets; our community got her the right education and she started making a passive income out of the markets. In addition, building her social entrepreneurial journey gave her the opportunity to travel to Dubai and experience an unforgettable journey of self-development and lifestyle. Sharing her experience with other young ladies has motivated them to start learning and growing their business too.

With financial knowledge, these women were able to generate additional income. This not only improved their own living standards but also had a positive impact on their families and communities.

How do you envision the role of digital currencies, blockchain, and other emerging technologies in shaping the financial landscape for women globally?

Digital currencies and blockchain enable new forms of entrepreneurship, including cryptocurrency-based businesses. Women can explore these opportunities, potentially leveling the playing field in industries traditionally dominated by men. They can also diversify their investments thus creating more passive income. Plus, women can grow their market and expand their business by creating additional methods of payments and facilities for their clients.

For more articles like this head to: https://executive-women.me/category/one-on-one/

Founders of Alpha Women: Eliane Ghanem and Lama El Kouba

Alpha Women

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