5 pillars to profits, strategies to maximise your cash flows


“You don’t start a business for one day, you start a business to create a legacy and to achieve success over a long period of time” – Marleen Somohardjo


Since the foundation of my first company, I have continued building my companies in Suriname and the Kingdom of Bahrain. I wanted to respond to the niche of innovative financial and risk management consultancy, and for this reason, I pioneered the Framework Intelligence.

Our Framework Intelligence is a platform solution within the corporate sector, financial, fintech, healthcare, ecommerce, and logistics. The framework intelligence assesses the most critical business processes from a financial and risk management point of view.

With this service, I emphasize the importance of a holistic approach, where senior management attention and participation are required, ensuring that this end-to-end process transforms every discipline within the business. The alignment between strategic goals and business objectives is the starting point and caters to the next mission, converting assets into profits.

Another rationale for this service is that we can speed up the decision-making process to further engage with your people and be committed to the delivery.

The pace to decision-making is crucial and if you lose the rhythm by slowing down, you lose momentum and credibility. The indirect impact is that you exude independence and liability from your employees and customers, and you can achieve that through:


  1. Framework Intelligence:

The framework Intelligence entails 5 pillars, that enable you to maximise your cash flows, which are discussed in depth in the E-book: Maximise Your Cash Flow, 5 pillars to profits, on the Framework Intelligence.

In the core, the pillars elevate processes and structures to the next level while also providing feedback on the business strategy:

1.Pillar Engagement with your vision, mission, and strategic goals. Focus and alignment with your vision, mission, and strategy related to the strategic goals and trajectory for business growth are key within this pillar.

2.Pillar Core competence. Focus on core competence and efficiency is your blueprint for profit. This is governed by risk analysis and mitigation of risks. Another question is: What do you deliver to the market and where should you excel in, talking from a lean and cost-conscious point of view?

3.Pillar Customer experience, validates your existence and financial results. External customer value and internal customer value are the metrics that measure your business performance to the extent of effectiveness and bringing value to the markets. What is the data and how do we utilize this data to improve our business performance? The key is enriching and curating data to facilitate the company’s ambitions.

4.Pillar Safeguard position is to protect your data, infrastructure, both IT and management and business performance. How do we design the safeguard position, ensuring that data is protected within IT, governance and management structures? Are we able to escalate and alter processes to adequately respond to the market? IT infrastructure is in conjunction with the IT strategy and IT controls.

5.Pillar Enhance performance. Pillar 5 is in place when all the pillars support that company’s products and services are delivered to their best capability and profits. This enables you to propel your business processes and is reflected into maximized business performance.

The methodology within the pillars encapsulates the basics of assessments, improvements, and measurements that amplify growth strategies and ensure business continuity. This results in a more financially viable, future proof, and sustainable business. 


II. Financial literacy:

Apart from strategizing, prioritizing, and incorporating these pillars into your business strategies, I advocate that utilising financial literacy is equally as important for business executives or entrepreneurs to remain successful or have longevity. It all starts with the basic understanding of your balance sheet, P&L, profit & loss statements, and financial reports.

In addition, this understanding entails converting your assets into profits and that is related to the knowledge of how your business works and performs in regard to the financial statements.

Moreover, Studies of mcKinsey reports, show that sustainable and financially viable companies understand the effects of efficient processes and are thus more capable to pivot successfully when needed.

Lastly, how is this correlated to maximizing your cash flow? Focus on the individual pillars that propels financial results by applying financial management and mitigate risks. This vehicle enables the business to perform in most effectively and efficient way, thus positively impact your business performance and results accordingly.

In conclusion, it reverts to knowing the numbers that are required to steer and control your business. The 5 pillars in the Framework Intelligence represent the holistic approach that balances and optimizes the importance of financial and risk management, and therefore propels your financial understanding.


About Marleen Somohardjo: Marleen is an author, a finance and risk advisor and the founder of M2 Advisory. She holds a Master of Science in Business Economics and majored in strategy, entrepreneurship and management. After her graduation at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, she started her advisory career at KPMG.



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