Zeina Hariri – Life, Family, & Youth Coach

Zeina Hariri

Becoming a Life coach does not happen overnight; it requires a lot of experience. It all started when Zeina was working at future TV(1994-2008) as a producer of several kids and adults programs, then as an assistant head division in LYCEE ABDEL KADER school (2005 till present).

During these periods, she had to work with kids, adolescents and adults of different ages, personalities, problems and backgrounds and people of different socio-economical levels, who do not really need a psychologist but a coach who can listen to them, support and encourage them, as well as trust in their potential to achieve their goals.

Being a life coach requires talent and years of experience combined with theories and studies. Along with her License Degree in Public Relations, she chooses to enroll in the Academic Life Coaching Institute and PragmaDoms to acquire the skills needed to work as a Life, Family and Youth coach that ultimately turned out to be her career passion.

Zeina Hariri-a beloved wife and mother-uses her experience and her passion to help her clients realize and achieve their dreams. She is a motivational speaker who helps young girls and women to become what they want to be.

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