Zeina Ghossoub-President @ ICF Lebanon Chapter & Founder @ VieSaine

Dr. Zeina Ghossoub El-Aswad, PhD in behavior and counseling, is a wellness and executive coach, and the president of ICF Lebanon. She is, furthermore, a clinical dietitian and the founder and director of VieSaine, a wellness and healthcare center in Beirut, Lebanon.

Zeina also practices wellness coaching in the U.S where she is a Partner and Chief Wellness Officer of her Coaching company, Vital Signs Vital Skills.

As a professional certified coach, Zeina has been coaching leaders for over 7 years. She has created a unique concept in wellness and health that targets individuals, families, corporations, and businesses. Co-author of multiple best-selling books, Zeina has lectured about coaching and wellness and dietetics all over the region.

Additionally, Zeina has been and continues to be a pioneer in her respective fields, teaching students in universities (AUB, Drexel, NDU, AUL) since 1995 as a graduate student herself, and then as an instructor, and now, as a professor.

Morover, Zeina founded and is now presiding a Non-Profit Organization called “Ghalletna” that helps feed and clothe several families and individuals on a yearly basis. Dr. Ghossoub El-Aswad has weekly television shows, radio shows and is an editor and contributor to several local and international magazines. Subsequently, she is well published, and her work has been recognized by prestigious establishments such as the American Medical Association, the Harvard Institute of Coaching, Mayo Clinic, McGill University, Stanford, AUB, and others.


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