Your bus, Your life, Your Choice…

Today, I want you to take a deep breath, close your eyes for a minute, and imagine that you are the owner of a bus. Choose the most advanced model and imagine that you will drive it for the rest of your life.

It is up to you to choose your destination. If you do not, any passenger will take you wherever they want to go, wouldn’t they? If you do not have your own dreams, you will work on executing the dreams of others.

Once you know your destination, you know what are resources needed to get there: fuel, time, food, water, etc.

If I know that I want to have a baby, I know that I need a partner and it needs 9 months to materialize, no matter how good, fast, smart or productive I am. Therefore, I manage my expectations.

Not all passengers will reach the final destination with you; most might stop along the way, and that is fine. That is for you to know that they did not abandon you, but they simply reached their own destination.

If a passenger rips the seats with a knife, you wouldn’t accept it, would you? So, any toxic relationship is to be terminated instead of collecting red flags.

Any passenger on your bus must pay for the trip. You wouldn’t allow passengers for free, would you? So, the people you allow in your life must have an exchange of energy; money, emotions, services, knowledge, etc.

If you encounter a roadblock, you can weather around it and then come back to the main road; you adjust your plan, not your destination.

And finally, if you have had this bus all your life, you will keep it clean and do regular preventive maintenance, wouldn’t you? Your body is your vehicle for life. Maintaining it with proper mindful breathing, smart eating, working out, and managing your mental state is what would preserve it in the best possible state of health.

Your bus, Your life, Your Choice, every single day.

You have the remote control, use it.

Embrace the Empowerment