Wootton Creation, A Handmade Craft by Nadine Helwi


Wootton is-undoubtedly-a unique handmade homeware craft; all kind of macramés, baskets, lights, mirrors and more, all made from natural
material using traditional techniques transformed into more modern items to embellish your space.

Life is full of inspirations and opportunities that we just need to grab.

“This source of passion came out of need; a need to seek quality of life, a need to revitalize, a need to create. I self-taught myself techniques and jumped into fun and experimental trials and errors”-Nadine Helwi, Founder of Wootton Creation.

Nadine is the fireball in any room who craves unconventionality. From macramé, crochet and sewing, she will craft something different and new inspired by nature and borrowed from nature while naturally dyeing and exploring more colors as the day goes by; from vegetables, grains, herbs, plants, food… It is her biggest and most colorful playground, naturally.

And so, Wootton was bornhandmade

A name that indicates a transparency in the communication, combining the pure materials used in the work: cotton, jute and wool. More material has
joined the little humble family; every natural material Nadine can lay her hand on or have access to.


The outcome of every piece is rewarding, especially when Nadine started to enhance and embellish every detail. She even developed an attachment to every piece created. Knowing that it was time to share that passion, it was
only fair to give the new pieces a new place to call home. Every creation is designed to cater the different tastes and needs. Subsequently, Nadine would customize the ideal colors and shapes to set the perfect mood for your space.


In the end and in a nutshell, every piece is unique.


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Embrace the Empowerment