Why…why I am losing everything

Every time I am attached to anything

I don’t know how it goes

I have to ask my luck that glows

Now I am in love, I am afraid

I am so in love that I have to pray

I am afraid to lose him now

I must fight but I don’t know how

I know it is a competition

But we are holding still to passion

Living with him is paradise

And I know my choice is wise

He erased my sadness

And switched it into happiness

Living without him is dying

Then my soul will be crying

On losing her only lover

Then it won’t recover

He is my flame, he’s my light

Hoping that he is thinking right

Losing him is cruelty

But it won’t be the reality

He promised to be together

I believe him and I will wait forever

When I look at his face

I dive in its trace

His eyes are vast

And his glance last

He is my power and my force

He is true, he’s not false

He is a man of dignity

That admires clarity

I love him what to do

I am praying that my dream comes true

That is why I am offering him something he cannot buy

Devoted love until we die…


Embrace the Empowerment

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