Why You Don’t Need a Coach, But Why You Want One


No Coach Needed

Whenever I talk with people about what it is I do, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is: why would someone need a coach? The thing is, that I truly believe no one needs a coach. We are all skillful human beings who make choices, go through our days and will go forward one way or the other, to wherever that is. I believe in the power of people, of what they dream of and can accomplish. I believe in the resilience and strength of people, no matter what they have gone through. In the past I have worked with teenagers who were victims of sexual abuse, and with refugee families in camps in Lebanon, who lost everything. If I am convinced of anything, it is the power people possess to make things work whatever comes their way. People are immensely capable. So do you need a coach? No, I don’t think you do.

Coach Wanted

Whether you should work with a coach or not, however, is about asking the right question: Do I want a coach. And to that, there is a whole different answer. Working with a coach has a number of advantages that you don’t need, but that you might really want! Think about a coach like this: a partnership with someone on any issue relevant to you.

3 simple examples:

1. Are you an entrepreneur with too little time and too many things to do?

Imagine having someone on your side who helps you on a weekly basis to review progress, adjust where needed, define priorities and strategies and who is on your side throughout the process! A partner and a sounding board. You do not have to do this alone.

“I wish I knew about coaching at a younger age. Looking back, I surely would have called a coach for life and business issues forty years ago, since I needed an eye opener, and me opening up to a person that does not share my business nor life with me, but can make me rethink stubborn decisions that made me lose a lot on all levels. I think things would have been really different had I had a coach on my side.” – Mick R., Retired CEO

2. Are you a parent with an international life, struggling with the development of your children and how to best deal with it? Imagine a confidant with whom you can safely talk about what is going on, how to improve things and regain control over the situations you feel are slipping through your fingers.

“You know, the few changes I have made just in the past few weeks since I started working with a coach, had such an impact on our family life. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible two months ago.” – Caren D., Team Manager, wife and mother of four

3. Are you a professional who works way more than you should and just can’t get that work-life balance thing under control? Imagine someone to sit down with, to share your feelings of overwhelm with, someone who can really look at things from the outside and help you see what is going on and how you can truly change this situation into something fulfilling instead of overwhelming!

“Finally. I don’t know how I did it. But somewhere on the horizon I see things changing. I can’t remember the last time I felt this excited that there is a way to achieve balance in my life. And if there is anything I need, it is that!” – Margeret W., Director, coaching client

It is not so difficult to see why it would be desirable to work with a coach in the examples mentioned above.

A coach is THE person to have on your side who does not judge you, who is there for you and for what is going on in your life fully, someone who will help you see all crucial aspects and someone who will be on your side when you create the change! 


By, Minou Hexspoor, Founder of The Nomad Coach, Certified Leadership & Team Performance Coach


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