Upsell Yourself With Beat The Odds: The Exclusive Hotelier’s Guide

Beat The Odds


Beat The Odds: The Exclusive Hotelier’s Guide

Upsell Yourself and Succeed in a High Occupancy Job Market

In Beat The Odds, Mona AlHebsi – renowned hospitality professional and success coach – shares, for the first time, the career secrets that enabled her to stand out, succeed, and become a sought-after hotelier in the industry.

Despite the impending cultural perceptions in her society and increasing competition in the job market, Mona daringly stepped in and challenged the conventional wisdom about working in hospitality by constantly delivering successful outcomes even on the most unlikely occasions.

“There are many reasons why I wrote Beat The Odds, but the top two reasons that drove me to come up with it are building authority and bridging a gap I saw present throughout my working years as an Emirati female in a competitive and dynamic sector like hospitality,” said Mona when asked about what inspired her to write the book in an exclusive one-on-one interview held by Executive-Women.

Reading Beat The Odds can prove beneficial to any working professional in any field seeking advancement in their career journey. However, because the book contains exclusive tips and techniques that experts use to build authority and credibility, it’s primarily aimed at Women and Emiratis hoping to enter the hospitality industry and build a rewarding career. The book is the only one of its kind that has been written on the subject so far.

The easy-to-follow tried and tested methods that Beat The Odds offers are available to all hoteliers, should they have the desire, courage, and determination to learn and act to achieve personal and professional excellence regardless of the external environment. Beat The Odds can especially be helpful for hospitality professionals who are looking for a roadmap to shine and excel in their hotel career and take it to the next level. Recently, Mona has also released the audiobook version of Beat The Odds, which is available at 40+ Audiobook Apps and ideal for those people who are always on the move.

Furthermore, Mona’s new book “Fired UP!” has already been released in early December 2021 and became an International Amazon Bestseller from the first day of its release! “Fired Up!” It is a transformational anthology that tells ten different stories of 10 inspirational women from different countries and walks of life and how they have turned their “been-throughs” into “breakthroughs.”

An expert in Emiratization in the Hospitality Industry in the UAE, Mona is also conducting her DBA research and plans to publish her findings as a book that will be a roadmap and reference for hospitality industry employers in the near future.

Beat The Odds is your enlightening, empowering, and inspiring guide to take charge of your career as a hotelier and create your success story that will echo long after you have left the playground.


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