Travel Without Travel With Caravansarie

Travel without travel

Caravansarie hosts pop up travel/culture themed events and workshops with casual fine dining and entertainment in nature, heritage sites, private venues and alternative spaces. The concept is to “Travel Without Travel”, where the culture, venue, cuisine, drinks, music, art, talent, and mindset of different regions of the world visit you.

The name Caravansarie is derived from “Caravanserai” which comes from the Persian origin: kārvānsarāy meaning Karvan (your travel vehicle) and Saray (place).  A kārvānsarāy was an inn where travelers would meet, park their means of transport, sleep for a night or two, and then be on their way. As a result, those travelers would end up exchanging knowledge, experiences and cultures, which is basically what Caravansarie is all about.

“To the culturally curious, progressive and inquisitive idealists, who cannot stop acquiring knowledge, sharing experiences, and connecting with communities; all while having a fabulously good time. These are the aspirations out of which Caravansarie was born”.

Catering to the conscious minds and the dancing-shoe-shaped hearts that elevate our communities and inspire our spirits, Caravansarie steps in to nurture and create a space for these valuable and visionary inclinations.

A space to assimilate world cultures through a festively synesthetic experience of taste, sight, sound and touch. travel without travelA space to discover a country’s hidden gems, reclaim it’s public space and celebrate it’s heritage as well as explore it’s alternative spaces. A space to encourage the ambitious, innovative chefs, musicians, artists and endless local talent. A space to explore one’s own talents, through edutaining workshops. A space to replenish the world of physical connections and build stronger communities.

All while clinking glasses to exquisite meals, live entertainment, effortless decor, a cool air and a like-minded crowd.

These events are boutique in nature, non-pretentious, engaging, and are meant to keep with an authentic, curious, and festive flair.

Caravansarie currently crafts pop-up public events and workshops, and caters to private and corporate events. The public events and workshops occur 1-2 times per month, and are publicized on Caravansarie’s social media pages.

To keep up with Caravansarie’s projects, visit this link.

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