Top 5 Reasons for Dressing Unique 



These are the five reasons why you should ditch the fashion trend and step outside the “clone fashion” industry. It’s time to be unique and even actively take part in designing your own fashion. With all these new technologies, this is starting to become a reality.

 1. Individualize. Choosing a unique dress allows you to express your personality fully. There are not a lot of places where you can change what fashion artists design but this is a great startup you may want to check out.

 2. Avoid the embarrassment. Never again be upset when going out and seeing your dress on another woman. Stop buying mass-produced clothes and eliminate the risk or being “cloned.” Having your own style gets rid of all those awkward silences.

3. Create your own style. It is tough to go to endless shops just to find the same fashion line that you want. Always finding something you would slightly change but having no choice in the matter. Now you can do that online. Take a base dress, tweak it here and there and make it perfect. You can check it out here.

4. Get your significant other’s attention. That tingly feeling when your loved one is amazed by you. Choosing the right clothes is essential in making their hair stand up. Don’t miss the opportunity to add your style to the clothes you buy and mix it right.

5. Expand your creativity. Making a small effort every day to create a harmonious image for yourself, will rewire your brain. You will be more inclined to find beauty all around you, and you will be more creative. In time you will be more refined and elegant, making people wonder how do you do it. “It all starts with one step, becoming a designer for yourself.”

The world has changed. All around us we see gadgets that didn’t exist five years ago, these are fantastic advances, but we continue to dress like 200 years ago, mass-produced factory fashion has not changed. Millions of copies for every item, this is embarrassing. It is time to respect us more and change the way we dress. Cloths are, in the end, part of us.


Support unique fashion, where you have the power. 


Jon Barack is the founder of SecretBrand. It’s all about fashion, art, technology, software, branding, and e-commerce. He holds a master’s degree in economics and developed niche markets for the last 25 years.

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