5th Edition of The Arab Women In Leadership and Business Summit


Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership and Business is more than a hot topic. It stands at the root of examining how female leaders, at any social stratum, at any point in time, can enhance their skills to become the leader they aspire to become.

The journey of the last 4 editions of The Arab Women In Leadership and Business has been full of surging emotions and different feelings ruling different hearts of almost 900+ participants at various presentations by 100+ potent leaders. The 5th Edition of The Arab Women In Leadership and Business Summit will go a step further in engaging the audience by initiating thought-provoking conversations, not for the sake of talking, but with an end goal of mobilized results.

The Summit will prove to be the key to establishing a link for individuals who have a keen intent in self-development learning from real-life exemplars.

This year’s conference will draw on feedback from previous events, as well as discussions that took place at this years’ planning meeting. The conference will offer hands-on advice and coaching on how to further develop your career in times of change. You will hear from accomplished women of all positions and levels. Let’s together discuss how we can manage the challenges of modern leadership and help ensure women leadership doesn’t lose momentum in recognizing and rewarding female leaders.

Several discussions around barriers currently faced by female leaders (and future leaders) will be held to gain a deeper understanding of the skills, qualities, and attributes needed to be a successful leader. The event will create a difference by authentic, generous and honest conversations about how to increase female participation and advancement into Leadership roles. If you want to be informed, inspired, connected, influential and powerful – this conference is for you.


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Embrace the Empowerment

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