Taiba Yoseph, founder of IE (Insightful Enablement)


Back in 2017, Taiba was upset with her life, she knew that she needed to make a change but didn’t know where to start. In her attempts, she saw a psychiatrist, a health coach, and a life coach to learn how to make change happen and live a life that feels more like hers. Five years later, she found herself to be a different person living a completely different life. Looking back, she saw that she had tried more than 20 healing techniques, and personally witnessed how each technique was adding a piece to the puzzle. And that’s when it hit her! She realized how important it is to go through all these trials and twits in order to find clarity and find oneself.

Because she witnessed firsthand how the start of the healing and well-being journey can be very blurry, she decided to build a community to help people better navigate through theirs. A community where members can develop their well-being, and elevate their quality of life through experimenting different healing techniques and getting the support they need. A community that offers well-being events; programs, masterclasses, and retreats by collaborating with different specialists in the field. A community that reminds its members that they are not alone, they are seen and heard without judgment. A community that provides a safe space and deep experiences that connects one to their own insightfulness.

In December 2021, Taiba Yoseph founded IE (Insightful Enablement) and started building her dream community. IE is an establishment that creates and hosts experiences, programs, and retreats in wellness and healing for individuals and corporates. Since it’s launch, IE has collaborated with various influential well-being coaches to served more than 300 community members in more than 15 events. Some events were held online (for members all around the world), and others took place in Jeddah, AlUla, and AlMedina in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Although Taiba graduated as an Electrical Engineer, she found her passion to be in the wellness and healing field. It was through this passion that she found the most prominent goal of her life; helping others in their own inner journeys to have a better quality of life by creating IE well-being experiences. She is now also a self-healing and growth guide, wellbeing advocate, Yoga teacher, and practitioner in the meditative breathing school. In addition to having 3 years of experience in employee well-being development.

Taiba believes that anyone can change the narrative of their life. If you want to, you can have a better life; better relations, better job, and better financial status. It all starts from within, and IE is proud to be your buddy in this journey to find your own way of having your life back

Embrace the Empowerment