Healthy Eating & Lifestyle for a Stronger Version of Yourself

healthy eating

  HEALTHY EATING & LIFESTYLE FOR A STRONGER VERSION OF YOURSELF Hind Dakhil Abboud, Clinical Dietitian at AUBMC, stated that “Taking care of your body’s health and mind wellbeing is crucial and a great investment nowadays; for a stronger immunity and a better self-esteem.” She mentioned that we need to build up a solid shield Read More

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Dear Mothers

Mothers' Day

On this special “Mothers’ Day 2020”, I salute all mothers, I appreciate their sacrifices and applaud their achievements! Being a working mother in the Lebanese Healthcare Sector is a challenge and a daily battle during this global pandemic of COVID-19; especially to the “war generation”; the women born in the 80’s. Women who have experienced war, Read More

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Hind Dakhil Abboud-Dietitian & Co-Founder @ SohatWSahtein


Hind Dakhil Abboud is a working mother who juggles between her motherhood and her career daily duties. “A healthy, realistic, and successful lifestyle is a puzzle framed in the mind-set. When there is a will, there is always a way”. She worked simultaneously on her career and family build-up and got married to Dr. Rony Read More

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