2020: The Year Of Clarity

2020 year of clarity

What comes to my mind is eyesight, as in 20/20 being able to see clearly, even the finest print at the bottom of the optometrist chart. When the optometrist prescribes a new corrected ‘power’ and we put on our glasses or contact lenses, how do we feel?  No headache, no eye pain/irritation, and clear precise Read More

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Sandi Saksena-Entrepreneur & Empowerment Mentor

Women Entrepreneurs

Sandi Saksena-Entrepreneur, Empowerment Officer @ Nexus Insurance Brokers A long-time resident of the Gulf, Sandi has lived in Kuwait, Bahrain and now in Dubai for the last 47 years. With no previous work experience whatsoever, Sandi entered the work force and commenced her professional career at the age of 44, following circumstances that pushed her Read More

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