Women on Academic Boards: Sought after or Imposed?

women on boards

  Women on Academic Boards: Sought after or Imposed? Higher Education (HE) institutions are the main source of knowledge because of the very essence of their existence; they are expected to set the path to exemplary practices, more specifically towards the endorsement of female talent across top decisional positions. In HE leadership, gender is not Read More

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Shatter the Glass! Women Leadership in Times of Crisis

Women Leadership

“Glass ceiling” and “Glass cliff”: While women have always been faced with what is called the “glass ceiling”, or the invisible barrier that makes it difficult for them to access top managerial positions, a counter phenomenon, the “glass cliff”, exists. Women in leadership positions at organizations going through crisis seem to be overrepresented. What are Read More

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Madonna Salameh Ayanian- Assistant Professor at USEK University

Assistant Professor

  Madonna Salameh-Ayanian is an Assistant Professor at the School of Business of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik – USEK, Lebanon. Holder of a PhD degree from Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris 2 in France and from USEK, her research works revolve around the career of women and entrepreneurship. In addition to being a lecturer on Read More

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