Travel Without Travel With Caravansarie

Travel without travel

Caravansarie hosts pop up travel/culture themed events and workshops with casual fine dining and entertainment in nature, heritage sites, private venues and alternative spaces. The concept is to “Travel Without Travel”, where the culture, venue, cuisine, drinks, music, art, talent, and mindset of different regions of the world visit you. The name Caravansarie is derived Read More

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Hania Raad – Founder & Manager @ Caravansarie

Hania Raad

Hania Raad, Founder & Manager @ Caravansarie With an early childhood interest in drawing, writing, playing the piano, communicating, and analyzing every detail of her surroundings, Hania took to Graphic Design and Art Direction as a professional means of expressing these creative passions. Having undergone 11 curious years of experience in Beirut, Dubai, Doha, and Read More

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