Jihane Nasrallah-Wellness Coach And Founder of DarmaJi

Wellness Coach

Jihane Nasrallah-Wellness Coach And Founder of DarmaJi Jihane has a passionate nature that has allowed her to thrive in all aspects of her career, leading an incredibly dynamic life. Born in a business-oriented family, Jihane acquired a sense of ambition and accomplishment since a young age. Her passion for advertising took her to the top Read More

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Practicing Mindfulness


Remember that day where you didn’t have a single thought? Well neither do I!  We are perpetual thinkers. We generate about 70.000 thoughts a day! Some thoughts help us live the life we want to live and others make us feel disempowered. One of the most effective ways to stop overthinking and to have our Read More

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What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Are you letting your heart sing? This is a powerfully loaded question that deserves some unpacking here. Simply ask yourself: What makes my heart sing? What does it mean to let your heart sing? Think of a time when you have been in your glory. It could have been a particular ‘me time’: watching the Read More

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Is Something Calling You?

          When I turned 40, I plucked up the courage to do something I had never done before.  I auditioned for a play.  I had never taken an acting class or auditioned for anything (other than cheerleading in High School that was a fail).  Yet, deep down, I knew that if Read More

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