Helene Khater Chammas – founder of Helene Pharma

Founder of Helene Pharma

Helene Khater Chammas, founder of Helene Pharma, is a Lebanese Health and Environmental consultant who worked with life insurance and pharmaceutical companies. An ardent community server specialized in the health care sector, she ultimately aims to achieve balance in social, economic and environmental sustainability through contributing in Policy Making Legislations. The goal is to improve Read More

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Maya Khattar-Founder @ Rechmaya Distillery

Rechmaya Distillery

It all started like great stories often do, with a simple idea: “What if the love of nature could be contained within a sip?” After a lot of thinking and brainstorming, one image became finally clear: Rechmaya Distillery.  A place for food, drinks, people, creativity, and cheerful conversation. Working in the creative corporate industry abroad Read More

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Why you should build your personal brand now!

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is the method of marketing people and their businesses as brands. It’s when individuals wish to present themselves in a certain way and hold an online identity. Personal Brand and business? Having a personal brand, as an entrepreneur, has major positive effects on the growth of your business. The greatest of these is Read More

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