Zeina Ghossoub El-Aswad PhD. MCC, CWC, EW Global President

  Dr. Zeina Ghossoub El-Aswad is a Professionally Certified Executive, Leadership, and Wellness coach. She has over 20 years of coaching experience, with over ten years of using Emotional Intelligence (EQi), Wellness, and Self-leadership as her staple approach to individual and group clients. Dr. El-Aswad practices in Lebanon and the United States with clients spanning Read More

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Dr. Basma ELZein, the sky is the limit.

What or who helped you shape the woman you are today? My Father is my role model, he has always been behind every achievement I make. Since I was a child, I like to be challenged, I have participated in a variety of activities, one of them was a program that used to be presented Read More

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Arij Kaissi, Educational Psychologist

  Arij Kaissi is an Educational Psychologist, a certified Executive and Leadership Coach, a Career and Youth Coach & Entrepreneur. She is also a certified Regional Social Responsibility Consultant. She is the founder and owner of Progressive Energy, the mother company of two registered brands: The Coaching Platform: A Consultancy, Coaching, and Training firm specialized Read More

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Mona Makkawi – EMBA, HR Expert, Consultant and Business Trainer

Mona Makkawi - Founder Konsult.

  Mona Makkawi, is an Ambitious and determined professional who demonstrated an exceptional passion for learning and transferring knowledge to others with a strong belief, that elevating others and helping them reach their full potentials will advance oneself. Mona’s exposure to different sectors and industries throughout her 18+ years of experience enabled her,  to build a solid Read More

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Aneeqa Rana-Global Education Consultant

Aneeqa Rana

Aneeqa Rana-Global Education Consultant & eLearning Expert Aneeqa is a Pakistani-born American woman with an eclectic background. She has spent about half of her life in the United States and a half living and working in the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, and Africa. She is a reflective, tenacious, life-long learner and a self-starter, with Read More

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Women on Academic Boards: Sought after or Imposed?

women on boards

  Women on Academic Boards: Sought after or Imposed? Higher Education (HE) institutions are the main source of knowledge because of the very essence of their existence; they are expected to set the path to exemplary practices, more specifically towards the endorsement of female talent across top decisional positions. In HE leadership, gender is not Read More

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Rita Rhayem: Paving the Way for Women in the Humanitarian World

Humanitarian World

  Rita Rhayem: Paving the Way for Women in the Humanitarian World   What inspired you to embark on this journey in the Humanitarian Field? It was by accident. When searching for a job, I never considered the humanitarian field, until I started working with “Doctors Without Borders”. I discovered a field that leads you Read More

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Myrna Trad: A Self-Empowering Journey

  Myrna Trad: A Self-Empowering Journey   Can you talk about one woman who has significantly impacted your life? Do you have a role model? Growing up, my biggest role model was my mother, who – at the time – was a struggling woman who worked day and night to provide for our financially struggling Read More

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PepsiCo and Ajialouna’s Tomooh Marks 16 Years of Supporting Youth

PepsiCo Ajialouna

  PepsiCo Inc., in partnership with Ajialouna, a local non-profit organization, announced the launch of its Tomooh scholarship program for 2021, celebrating 16 years of supporting disadvantaged Lebanese youths in pursuing higher education. The program was initially launched in 2006 after Saad Abdul-Latif, the then PepsiCo Chief Executive Officer for Asia, Middle East & Africa, Read More

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