Superheroes, CEOs, and Miracles


Superheroes, CEOs, and Miracles

As a kid, I always looked for heroes as role models to inspire me, for someone or something that is extraordinary to bring the best in me.  So, naturally, I was fascinated by comic books and fairy tales.

So many superheroes with superpowers, and fairy creatures were created.  Some are caped, some drive cool vehicles, use great gadgets to fight villains or magic wands to grant wishes.  They all had great valor, and always seemed to save us from unthinkable threats and dangers.  But these are only in comic books, and fairy tales.  They were very entertaining, tickled my imagination, but I was not inspired.

Outside comic books and in real life, we have specialized saints and deities to grant us every orison we ask, help us with every real day-to-day life issue like health, money, peace of mind, emotional fulfillment, better life, family, protection, love, the list just goes on.  We pray, plead, ask, and look-up to them for grace, solace, and inspiration.  And they have granted, saved and fulfilled thousands of wishes. They are real, they walked the earth long time ago, and now they are dead.

I find post-mortem efforts and assistance of saints and deities less inspiring:  It takes long years of devotion and recital of holy scriptures and prayers.  And even though, they are scrutinizingly selective on whom to answer, and what wish to grant. Maybe it was not their goal to help us after all, and it was just a personal quest, hence the not so inspiring hermit life they lived on earth.

So, I moved my spotlight to high-profile executives, and people with impact.  They have themselves reached goals most people have set to themselves but still haven’t gotten remotely close to achieving.  They live the life and own the things we all aspire to have.  We follow them, read their news, know details about their lives, but they are oblivious to us, and our daily struggles.  They are solving their problems, and occasionally give us advice here and there and what was the major contributor to their success.

Am I drifting hero-less on this planet? Uninspired?

Far from it.

Away from superpowers, magic wands, mystical entities, and high profile executives, I found that – “extra” – ordinary people are the most marvelous, intriguing, and inspiring role models to follow.

Among the few ordinary people that inspire me, I consider Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, my super hero.  In a speed of a thought, Dan increased the minimum wage of his 176 employees to USD 70,000, allowing them to live in dignity.  Dan succeeded, in one quick decision, to do what world most powerful organizations funded by multiple governments aspire to do in 30 years, while devoting titanic efforts to the matter.  It took Dan a salary cut of 1 million dollars to make this miracle possible.  He didn’t hesitate to be part of the solution, challenge the status quo, and operate from a higher consciousness.

This little stunt inspired a lot of people, but also infuriated some.  It has defied the rules and mathematical equations of brilliant economists, and financial geniuses.  A lot of capitalists are betting on Dan’s failure.  Because for them, huff all you want, that is the way things need to happen on this planet: to financially struggle all your life is the norm.

I am inspired by people like Dan, who put the well-being of everybody at equal length, who quickly create encompassing solutions and don’t wait around for someone else to implement them.  I am inspired by the people of “here and now’, everyday people who use whatever power they have to act mindfully, and impact the lives of others on a large scale. I love people who don’t linger, who act, and make a change happen.  These people have the super power of being HUMAN.

Why can’t we operate our business from a higher consciousness? How much will it affect the executives of Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon and the likes out there, to take a salary cut and raise the minimum wage of their employees?

To live in dignity and abundance is the birth right of every human being on this planet.  Not having to worry about daily futile worries – like paying bills – is the most crucial milestone that we as human beings should strive for.  I consider a super hero, every decision-maker, or person in power on this planet that shatters the dams of abundance created by the villains and create abundant opportunities for themselves, others and their economy.  It can be done, it has been done.

Our aspiration should not be to overcome lack and need, but to grow, develop, and thrive.

By Aline Kayrouz, Chief Marketing Officer At Pyliser Group


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