Souheir Hachem-Family Psychologist

Family Psychologist

Whether you are wondering how to handle a specific challenge with your kids, interested in psychology to figuring out your child-raising approach, or you just want to get the best advice, tips, and baby hacks to make your parenthood journey less bumpy, you have come to the right place.

Souheir Hachem is a mother of 3 kids; a passionate clinical and school psychologist who divides her time between clinical practice, consulting, writing and research.  She did her studies in Saint-joseph University and participated in many conferences, worked in a range of clinical settings such as schools and mental health services.

Souheir held workshops and worked in different fields. She has experience working with children with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and abuse. Many modalities can be used in the treatment of these cases: like play therapy, family therapy, psychotherapy, etc.

“With over 10 years of practical experience, I like to empower people and parents to enjoy their parenthood and their life. My passion for kids has led me to focus on working with kids with difficulties, although I am interested in all aspects of psychology, especially the relationship between parents and kids. My mission is to help them grow up in a healthy environment and have better chances in gaining their life as adults”.

These days, most parents and children are confronting new challenges and concerns in different categories, they worry about many things in life “health, education, future…” They are bombarded with different advice and some of them are contradictory. 

Through her major and her online platform, Souheir provides advice to give you support and guidance in every step of your parenting journey. She loves writing articles and giving tips about different subjects including physical, social, emotional, behavioral, and mental development of the child and how it affects the relationship with parents, in order to lead a more harmonious and happier life together.


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