Sandi Saksena

Sandi Saksena is a multiple award winner, a Tor with the Universe. This entrepreneur is an accelerator, Mentor Negotiator, Motivator, Facilitator, Orator, Curator Moderator, Tutor, and much more. She offers all of the above to people who want more out of their lives be it money, career, relationships, health wellness, etc.

She is President of Ladies in Business Global 2022, Ambassador of UAE Women Empowerment World Leader Summit, and UNGC Sustainability goals India. She is also the Brand Ambassador of Myashad Woman Founder of Laksh-ME, a Trust in India focused on the Financial Independence of Women, and a Permanent Trustee of  Manzil Centre for individuals with special needs.

This positive-minded and committed person is a long-time resident of the Gulf, having lived in Kuwait, Bahrain and now in Dubai for over 60 years. Financial difficulties pushed her to find a job, which in itself was challenging as she had to overcome the age bias she was 44, and the fact that she had no previous work experience!

In her career as a personal financial planner, Sandi devotes her time energy, and expertise to empowering women through financial literacy, planning, and counseling. In addition, as a leader in the community, she serves as an advisor, ambassador, and president on various international women/youth leadership empowerment platforms.

This entrepreneur believes that building trust, loyalty, sharing and giving, and dealing with integrity and honesty are essential ingredients to success in both the personal and professional arena. She states she has an MBA in life as personal experiences and insurmountable challenges are your best teachers! They make you stronger and more resilient.

She is a regular contributor to the media on topics related to personal finance, Powerhouse Global Magazine, Executive Women and a blog on World is One, WION, a popular well-respected international news channel, and the, Bltiz India, The Times of UAE.

Sandi is a frequent main platform speaker moderator and host at international conferences and is frequently quoted in the business pages of local and international publications. As a mentor, she runs workshops on Leadership, Relationships, Value of Self, and core focus – Financial Independence & Empowerment of Women

Sandi continues to add jewels to her crown. She won many awards of which, Woman of Substance LEGENDS (DWR 2022), Certificate of Award Lifetime Achievement award Berkeley Women’s Investment Forum 2022, VVIP Ladies in Business Global 2022, The Best Woman Entrepreneur Lifetime Achievement award 2019 Berkeley Middle East, Most Empowering CEO club member 2018 by CEO Clubs International are just a few

Sandi believes every woman whether earning/generating income or not is responsible for her financial future and shares her insights on how one can start on that path.

She lives by the following  You have to be Odd to be Number 1.

Each of us is as unique as his fingerprint so don’t fit in when you were born to stand out.

Embrace the Empowerment