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Sandi Saksena-Entrepreneur, Empowerment Officer @ Nexus Insurance Brokers

A long-time resident of the Gulf, Sandi has lived in Kuwait, Bahrain and now in Dubai for the last 47 years. With no previous work experience whatsoever, Sandi entered the work force and commenced her professional career at the age of 44, following circumstances that pushed her to search for a career path.

Sandi devotes her time and energies to her job in personal financial planning. She leads an all-female team of financial counsellors at Nexus Insurance Brokers. Acting as head of division of “Family Matters” at Echelon Advisors and Management Consultants (her family’s firm), she also has a joint venture with “Being She”, a platform dedicated to Women Empowerment. Sandi’s focus now is oriented towards Financial Empowerment of Women.

A true believer in trust, loyalty, sharing, giving, dealing with integrity and honesty as essential ingredients to success in both the personal and professional arena, Sandi is a sought-after speaker at conferences, conventions and corporate events.

“Personal experiences and insurmountable challenges are your best teachers! They make you stronger and more resilient”.

Sandi is a regular contributor to the media on topics related to personal finance. She is also a regular guest speaker on radio and TV, and is frequently quoted in the business pages of the of local and international publications.

A mentor, Sandi’s focus is on Leadership, Relationships, Value of self, Going with the flow, Staying Relevant, and Core Focus: Financial Independence & Empowerment of Women.

Sandi’s Awards (till present)

  • The Best Woman Entrepreneur-Lifetime Achievement award 2019, Berkeley Middle East,
  • Most Empowering CEO club member 2018 by CEO Clubs International,
  • Most Inspiring Woman of Substance-Dubai Women’s Run 2018,
  • Excellence is Corporate Leadership Award by International Sheroes Forum 2018,
  • Women Super Achiever Award 2018 – 5th woman in Leadership Congress award,
  • Burj CEO Award 2017- CEO Clubs International,
  • Women Super Achiever Award 2017 – 4th woman in Leadership Congress award,
  • And many more…


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