Ruba El-Amine – Social Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Design Activist

Ruba El-Amine – Social Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Design Activist & Human Rights Advocate
Ruba is a Lebanese national who grew up between the Middle East and Europe. She is a graphic design and advertising graduate, acquiring her education from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut.
Following a solid career in corporate branding and academia, she is now founder and creative director of RUBA EL AMINE STUDIO, which focuses on clever branding and public relations services for renowned corporations, F&B businesses, NGOs, and artists promoting social causes.
Ruba has been a passionate social activist from an early age, actively supporting NGOs in multiple ways. Her innovative thinking and constant desire to help others has led to the creation of an exciting new product aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs launch their startups.
Her boutique design studio offers affordable branding packages by creating unique and innovative corporate identities to give rising businesses a head start in a competitive world – a way to give back to the young community.
As an experienced designer and educator, Ruba contributes to her former university by mentoring senior graphic design students on kickstarting their careers.
Her participation in human rights competitions attracted awards from the International Advertising Association (IAA), Makhzoumi Foundation, and J.A.D Association.

‘Designing for social causes and creative collaborations that matter.’


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