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Verlaine Gemayel – Clinical Dietitian, Nutrition Consultant & Health Coach


How to reach your health & fitness goal!


Are you struggling to lose weight by setting unrealistic goals? Do you keep on setting unachievable targets? Eventually, setting unrealistic goals, will lead to a loss of motivation and possibly falling back into your unhealthy behaviors.

 If you – like many individuals – keep on trying to lose weight but can’t reach your goal, this article is for you.

First, your goal must be specific. Determining a starting point and saying you’re going to start working out is not specific; deciding to schedule your workout days and the amount of time you can commit to each week for the next 3 months – on the other hand – is a more specific goal. Studies show that a loss of 0.5-1 kg per week (depending on each body) is most likely to be maintained rather than a loss of more than 1kg/week.

Second, consistency. Planning to lose weight should be part of a healthy journey and not restrictive diets that put your body in the yoyo zone. So, if you are looking to start a diet, choose one or all 3 of these lifestyle changes with the supervision of an expert:

  • Intuitive eating: reducing problematic unhealthy foods, listening to the body, no restrictions.
  • Portion control: minimal restrictions, smaller serving sizes
  • Calories counting: meals should be under the daily caloric limit to create deficit

Third, consider drinking cold water. every time you consume cold water, your body needs to heat it to the right temperature. This requires the use of muscle inside the body and burn calories!! Plus, drinking water before you eat is an excellent way to ensure you do not overeat. As you already feel full!

Fourth, strength training! Studies show that strength training is more efficient at losing weight than cardio. In fact, this type of workout will increase your muscle mass which will help increase your metabolism, thus burning more fat throughout the day. On top of feeling more fit and strong, you will also burn more calories at rest. Win-win!

Fifth, if you want to reach your weight target, make sure you reach your sleeping hours! Not sleeping enough will increase appetite hormones, enhance sugar cravings, and reduce metabolism.

Last but not least, make sure your goal is time bound. Giving yourself a specific time frame to accomplish your goal can create a sense of urgency that will keep you motivated on the long run.

By Verlaine Gemayel, Clinical Dietitian, Nutrition Consultant & Health Coach.


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