Dr. Ranya Nehmeh-Human Resources Expert & Author of The CHAMELEON Leader

Chameleon Leader

Dr. Ranya Nehmeh is a third culture kid whose roots embrace the chaotic passion of the East from her Lebanese parents, the geometric symmetry of the West through her Austrian upbringing, blended together by a British education.

It’s no surprise that such a mix has moved her to always be engaged in culturally rich and diverse environments, from her professional background in international development organizations – where she had the opportunity to travel extensively – to her passion for bridging cultures in her Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors.

She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Swiss Management University and a Masters in Human Resources from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Over the last eighteen years, Ranya has worked in London, Beirut, and Milan in different sectors such as telecoms, external relations, human resources management, and – more recently – in an international development organization in Vienna. A fundamental part of her human resources experience has been in talent acquisition, development, and leadership.

The topic of how different generations function and interact in the workplace has always been fascinating to Ranya, but over the last years, the needs and perspectives of millennials has really held her attention. She witnessed – on many occasions – the challenges that organizations are facing in attracting, motivating, and retaining millennials.

Furthermore, as she has been involved in many youth forums such as the One Young World, this has contributed in widening her understanding of this topic, enabling her to launch the research, which provided the foundation for her debut book, The CHAMELEON Leader.

Ranya combined her love for sports, travel and writing last year when she took three months off from work and travelled to Koh Samui, Thailand to undergo a month-long yoga teacher training and spent the rest of the time writing The CHAMELEON Leader.


“When it comes to leading the millennials, there has to be a shift in mindset; a visionary approach, a willingness to collaborate not dictate; to inspire not conspire, but most importantly to get excited about the potential benefits of having this generation on board.”-Dr. Ranya Nehmeh.


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