Raluca Buna


Raluca Buna is a senior executive offering a record of verifiable success in business startup, business strategy, business restructuring & rebranding with a proven ability to build and manage sales and profits effectively.

From accounting to marketing & branding, from print & digital publishing to event planning, from training & development to Public Relations & media distribution, and from brand management to corporate social responsibility, her extensive know-how has pushed her to cross borders and start multiple businesses she now leads or represents.

She is the founder and General Manager of World Elite Solutions Inc., an independent media project including a broad range of media tools. Raluca’s journey initially kicked off in the world of financial administration in 2009 and has ever since succeeded in climbing up the organizational ladder by engaging in roles that span the whole spectrum of Business Management.

Raluca then went on to launch The Exclusive, a unique concept created under the umbrella of World Elite Solutions to promote businesses across the globe through a tailored distribution network focused on investors. This journey was another step forward that led her to garner more comprehensive expertise in publishing and B2B strategizing since launching the publication in 2018.

After more than a decade of collecting life and workplace experiences, in addition to showcasing her multi-dimensional versatility by experimenting on new grounds, including but not limited to diplomacy & international relations, journalism, real estate, logistics, and non-profit, Raluca’s growing interest in clean energy has pushed her to singlehandedly plan events and conferences – such as the Energy Strategies Summit – in the energy sector.

She is currently collaborating with MEMO, she is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Lebanon chapter, and Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition (GWNET); and a Global Peace Ambassador.

Raluca is now focused on expanding The Exclusive to the MENA region and diversifying the content and sectors the publication covers. Moving forward, she aims to delve deeper into the challenging world of clean energy and contribute to implementing innovative, scalable solutions.

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