PepsiCo and Ajialouna’s Tomooh Marks 16 Years of Supporting Youth

PepsiCo Ajialouna


PepsiCo Inc., in partnership with Ajialouna, a local non-profit organization, announced the launch of its Tomooh scholarship program for 2021, celebrating 16 years of supporting disadvantaged Lebanese youths in pursuing higher education.

The program was initially launched in 2006 after Saad Abdul-Latif, the then PepsiCo Chief Executive Officer for Asia, Middle East & Africa, committed the sum of $1 million for educating Arab youth. To date, the total contribution is more than double what was originally committed, empowering disadvantaged youths aged 18- 22 across the country by promoting social development through education with partial academic scholarships to pursue their higher education. Every year, around 220 students benefit from this scholarship program.

This year, PepsiCo’s previous annual scholarship of USD 200,000 was scaled up to USD 250,000 to reach a wider number of students, given the challenging and multiple crises Lebanon is currently weathering. “Helping students for the 16th year in a row is an accomplishment we are very proud of, particularly in these extremely difficult times as unemployment soars and many parents find themselves unable to meet tuition fees,” said Riad Al Mawass, Senior Franchise Director for Levant and North Africa, adding: “We are working hard to keep this program going to secure as many education opportunities as possible for deserving students in order to fulfill a better future not only for themselves, but also for their families and Lebanon. Tomooh has been this successful so far because of the support of Ajialouna.”

Through Tomooh, PepsiCo and Ajialouna extend their support to students in different regions across Lebanon, irrespective of their nationality, gender, race or special needs, with similar programs now also being launched in Egypt and Jordan. Dr. Lena Dada, President of the Ajialouna Association, stressed the value that Tomooh had brought to the social wellbeing of the Lebanese community over the past years. “Today, this program has gained even more importance because of the economic standstill. We see that working parents are getting laid off or their salaries drastically slashed every day, increasing the need for such generous scholarships.” Dr. Dada said.


To know more about Ajialouna, visit this link.

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