Parlay House, a safe space for women to connect

Parlay House, a sense of belonging for women.

What is Parlay House?

Parlay House is an inclusive series of in-person gatherings hosted by women, for women, that foster intimate conversations and ignite meaningful bonds between strangers. With content based on a desire to empower, share, entertain and nurture, Parlay House creates a universal sense of belonging that spans age, race and sexual orientation by broaching topics that few women can safely tackle in other parts of their lives, including personal and professional transitions, mental health, building financial wellness, reclaiming your voice, and much more.

How did Parlay House get started?

After a 25-year career as a multiple-time CEO in the world of advertising, Founder Anne Devereux-Mills realized that her work-life had been built on transactional relationships that were more driven by expectations and extraction. She founded Parlay House to make sure the next chapter of her life not only filled those needs but created a space for other women to do the same. She started Parlay House in 2012 by inviting a small group of strangers into her home to talk about topics that they couldn’t share elsewhere. Their collective energy gave birth to the now-global Parlay House organization.

Where do Parlay House gatherings take place?

Parlay House’s model is based on the belief that when we reveal ourselves by welcoming new people into our personal spaces, those experiences become a catalyst for sharing truths on a deep and personal level. In cities around the globe, Parlay House “Instigators” (hosts) create welcoming environments where everyone feels safe and nurtured. Whether it’s a townhouse in Washington DC, an apartment in New York City, a home in San Francisco or a compound in Amman, our members enter as strangers and leave as supportive friends.

How many women are involved and where are they located?

Parlay House has grown from 12 women on a rooftop in San Francisco to more than 7,000 women around the world. We continue expanding through a rapidly growing Local-Instigator team made up of sensational hosts who bring the magic of Parlay House to their cities and communities. To date, Parlay House locations include: Amman, Atlanta, Denver, London, New York, Oakland, Orange County, Paris, San Francisco, San Antonio, Seattle and Washington DC. In September 2022, Parlay House added Los Angeles, Dallas and San Diego, Austin and Boston, with Phoenix and St. Louis coming soon.

How has Parlay House continued to grow?

Our community grows when members nominate other women to join us and as the buzz about the unique, intergenerational nature of our gathering’s ripples through communities, friend circles, business environments and ecosystems. Our membership grows, not by an elite screening of “who’s in and who’s out”, but because each member is empowered to bring in other new members and because we are open to any woman who hears about us and wants to join the conversation.

Does Parlay House charge its members?

All women and allies are welcome to join. Parlay House charges a minimal fee to attend in-person events (in order to cover food and beverage costs) and we keep the membership price low so that any woman who wants to join us can afford to do so.

How do women get involved if there is no location in their hometown?

There are two ways women can get involved if there is no Parlay House in their city. Parlay From Away is a digital conversation series by Parlay House. Our inclusive live video events bring intimate conversations online and ignite meaningful bonds between strangers across the globe. Women are also welcome to request a new location. Parlay House provides support in setting things up with a very detailed “how to” manual as well as providing personalized coaching to get the process established, identify speakers and guide on best practices.

 Is there other content related to Parlay House?

Yes! Bring A Friend is our Parlay House podcast. It’s a place where real people shine and people who shine get real. These are conversations that we usually only have with our best friends and now, we’re sharing the best ones with public listeners. In addition, Parlay House issues a monthly Parlay Effect Newsletter (PEN). After starting Parlay House, Devereux-Mills noticed something powerful happening across the community. When one woman found herself in a position to help another through kindness, empathy, generosity or encouragement, the woman who received the help replicated it, passing it on to another. And so on, and so on. She calls this cascade “the Parlay Effect” and continues cascading connection with her monthly newsletter. And in her book, The Parlay Effect: How Female Connection Can Change the World, Devereux-Mills uses her insights as the founder of Parlay House to show how small actions that can create a cascade of positive experiences and change and lead to a boost in self-awareness, confidence, and vision.

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